• Monique decided to go underwater and have some fun with local sea life. She attracts the attention of a playful dolphin who fucks her once then swims away but then comes back for seconds.

    Uploaded by dingoding · Rating: 3.1 (85 votes) · 29444 views


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    The dolphin having sex with her was hot. They should have do it a little bit longer. It was very hot.

    celestreal, posted

    The fuck. No creampie, no sex, just penetration. Boring!!

    zoozoo245, posted

    gawd, i wanna do that!! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    lol what aa

    Qazuar, posted

    I hope girl falls pregnant.

    HyperA1985, posted

    i love this movie damn man

    anthony2270, posted

    Yes, I like it

    jormalaisena, posted

    short hot and sweet

    inuyasha86, posted

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