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    Pup And Puss


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    Dogs first time licking a vagina. She is not sure what to think of it. It seems that she likes it. Maybe she will want to try again sometime. dog dog dog

    Uploaded by jennythor · Rating: 3.3 (80 votes) · 24562 views


    she needs a bigger dog for licking pussy

    judasfanny, posted

    i love when big girls get their dogs to lick their nasty cunts. so desperate for that doggy tongue orgasm

    yourmammaaaa, posted

    hello im michaellj1972@yahoo id love to find a BBW that was into animal sex of any kind i would do any and every thing she wanted needed or desired for the pleasure of even just watching her play i have no limits age looks and relationship status dont matter to me i just need it desperatly please please please

    michaellj1972, posted

    he dont want that

    ladybug123456, posted

    Nasty looking pussy.

    cornpone, posted


    prettyp, posted


    Mike2133, posted

    my dog is eating my pussy RIGHT NOW, DEEP my favorite;)

    buster1432, posted

    i like it because it seems real, homemade pet sex is my favorite kind. so, this did a little something for me, even if that little poochy didn't quite know what to think of the coochy (;

    browneyedog, posted

    with patience love, she will get into what you would would find delightful. encourage her talk to her and let her know that what she is doing is what you like. pity i were not closer i could lick there myself and get your cum running so she could get a taste of what i have left in you. great start love keep it up.

    gramarg69, posted

    VERY poor quality and content.

    jayko, posted

    A poochie licks a coochie! A large wet fatty pussy is on screen and then a Pomeranian comes in for the licking. The dog really doesn't know what to do with it, but makes a valiant effort to lick it up. Personally, I love hot wet pussy, especially BBW, so I kinda wish I could have been the dog, but anyway, it was worthwhile watching! If that pussy was full of cum first - that would have been hot hot hot! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy this video! At the very least it is worth a few hot moments of jacking off while you listen to doggy do down there!

    pullatrain, posted

    The movie was great. the sound was the best part, besides getting a nice view of her pussy. The dog looked like it needed a little more training to really get at that pussy. I would love to see some more videos staring this girl, her clit looked so big I wanted to get my face right in their and have a taste myself. I would like to see more of this womans ass, maybe hear some more of her talking. Over all great video of a pup eating some beautiful looking pussy. I hope my review was helpful to some of you, enjoy

    finepoint13, posted
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