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    Dog Lick


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    doggy licking :) fun and cum hehe alone at home with doggy bored but needed some fun small dog but effective at licking, more vids to follow hopefully bigger dogs :)

    Uploaded by petra_rose · Rating: 4.1 (67 votes) · 29721 views


    mniam pusy ale cipka fajnaaaaaa

    tadek1699, posted

    This is still one of my fav vids... love hearing those sweet moans while the doggie is licking her... and the fact that she cums is the cherry on top for me... watching again... makes me cum too :)

    DesiBitch, posted

    I wish I had a dog because of moments like these! The only time I get any action is when I housesit for these people that have a lab and he has no problem licking my pussy mmm...23/f WA

    beast_friendly, posted

    Ohhhh this film makes me think of all the times I enjoyed the language of my dog for hours .... that nostalgia ....

    stuzzi56, posted

    DAMN that womans cootch is as big as the dogs head.....if she hiccuped just once that little pooch would be vaccuumed into that cunny vortex in an instant!!! love her sounds though....very hot!

    666pedro666, posted

    Nice vid, good to see you enjoying both your little doggy and your mans fingers, keep vids coming x

    debs, posted

    oh yes gurl mmmmmmmmmm yummy

    lillyfrench, posted

    what a disgusting chick this vid has. if all girls looked like this and had those boils on their legs I'd have to be gay. Take some antibiotics girl!

    muggins333, posted

    Nice. Except she had sores on her legs. But I like to see the vibs when women relly get into it. I love to hear a woman moan and go on like that. Thats a turn in its self. I also like it when they show the womans faces. Where can a person buy full lenth movies on this subject? Are these movies legal? I'd like to know.

    k9fan, posted

    ummm, this is very sexy, but the girl in this vid is not alone. anyone else notice the dude's finger poking at her clit when the vid first started and then digging into her pussy at the end? LOL LOL LOL anyway, still good visuals and sound, gave me a chubby.

    browneyedog, posted
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