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    Woman Breastfeeding Puppy


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    This video is not sexual to the majority of people. To most, this is cute to watch. :3 I'm uploading it here for people to watch, because it got flagged and deleted from youtube for being "too sexual"

    Uploaded by Yesilovedogs · Rating: 3.9 (70 votes) · 22669 views


    so cute we proud of you

    frankrananaware, posted

    Damn.....i would love to share with him!!

    rickywebb, posted

    get rid of the dog. I'll suck her breast

    tartisdriver, posted

    dannybab your a motherfucker rapist

    andresan, posted

    werde auch bald zuchth√ľndin sein.....

    zoo-prinzessin, posted

    Very sweet yet strangely a turn on...

    shygirl123, posted

    aww.. i like it and often dream of it so i'm a fan of these kinds of clips. thanks ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    Love it!!!!

    JenJen7673, posted

    so cute

    Webp, posted

    not a fan of this, well, like i've said before... it's not porn to me.

    browneyedog, posted

    Ive done it but the puppy sucks my dick!!!

    dannybab, posted

    That is so cute, I love it.

    macten10, posted


    catlove999, posted

    yeah! give it some milk! lovely!

    Prasak, posted
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