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    Bat Fucking Gal Toon


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    a bat fucking a gal.3d

    Uploaded by dickforbbws10 · Rating: 2.9 (30 votes) · 18958 views


    Really STUPID

    wcooksley, posted

    I would like to see this scene in context, definitely.

    JackLeventreur, posted

    this is from 'the princess has come of age' the movie is much better then this clip.

    cranberries, posted


    hbjst, posted

    .... now, that was pretty pointless .... and counterintuitive ... where is the storyline?

    Snow2White, posted

    well now, in this video you see a woman taking on a bat, how they got to this? i like to think on that, as the bat does its best to please her, it seems to faver anal sex, (not a bad choice if you ask me ;) tho short, i found this clip very fun to get it off to, the woman in this clip looked to be having a good time, as the bat tried to push deeper into her rectum, the woman most likely was hoping the whole bat would slip in there! i sure know i was! the bat pushed in and out as best as it could, like i said this was short, but well worth watching... both times :)

    dabob, posted
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