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    Boar Fuck Girl


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    An amazing and strange situation with a young girl, which is deeply fucking with a huge boar. As you can see the sperm is loading out of her cunt while the boar dong is cumming inside. Lol.

    Uploaded by djorion · Rating: 3.7 (258 votes) · 80767 views


    This is hot, albeit a bit dark...

    jayko, posted

    Rubbing my wet pussy while watching this vid ;) Message me if you're horny and want to talk dirty with an 18 year old girl!

    kelll23, posted

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    nigel2012, posted

    mmmmmmmmm how fucking hot must that feel like, all the sperm dripping down into her gorgeous cunt from her arse hole I would love to lick her clean xx

    Belinda402007, posted

    Oh yes, I am next.. let him fuck me good ..

    FunBrenda, posted

    This woman is getting the breeding of her life! Bet she never knew how this feels before that day! love it!

    mehoff, posted

    mmmm my biggest fatacy IS THERE ANY AUSTRALIAN GUYS THAT WOULD LIKE TO MAKE THEIR DOG HAVE SEX WITH ME. pretty... bbw ... horny ... and submissive...

    samsamsam00001, posted

    Wow. Amazing.

    haavatra, posted

    Did her belly swell from the boar's cum?

    Krystal, posted

    he pumped her cunt full bigtime.

    jayko, posted

    mmmm yummm would like to see that long twirly pig prick enter or exit excellant cum flowing...you know they both enjoying....only wish I could experience that

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    I dream of the day I have that much cum pouring from my ass.

    jamieboxer, posted

    I would love to try that... :)

    FunBrenda, posted

    it's only a preview, (which don't have to show everything), of the Movie with release of the "Still a Virgin's Animal6Farm" DVD end of April 2012. Greetz, No longer a Virgin but still a Bitch @ Capricomus: kauf dir eine Brille und denn sehst du vielleicht den Unterschied zwisschen Mushi und Arsch.

    virginstilla, posted

    All i seen was shadows and a pigs butt then a side of shot something that was to blured and dark.

    st_benard, posted

    The video is good, better lighting would have made it so much better. Loved seeing the cum run out of her pussy while the cock was still in her pussy. Big load of cum

    dipswitch69, posted

    Sweet! The big boar gave her a good porkin! Lots of cum!

    harleypoor, posted

    I love the hard breathing from both of them, and the huge river of cum cascading out of her flooded cunt.

    jayko, posted

    Ja--Geil! Aber der korkenzieherschwanz vom eber steckte im arsch und video zu dunkel ;>)

    capricornus, posted
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