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    Boar Fuck Girl 2


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    In this part of video you can see the amazing joint orgasm boar and girl, both are cumming together the same time, and the sperm flows into the pussy.

    Uploaded by djorion · Rating: 3.5 (182 votes) · 65007 views


    First time seeing a boar fucking someone, but I'm impressed so far.

    Tullips, posted

    Thank you thats probably the best pussy he's ever had !

    mehoff, posted

    oh wow, do me next.. so hot

    FunBrenda, posted

    Yum!!! I wished it was me getting fucked by that Boar!! WOW!

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    This hog is drilled in her !!! She sounds like shes loving it too!;)

    mehoff, posted

    oh yes, really hot..

    FunBrenda, posted

    it's only a preview, (which don't have to show everything), of the Movie with relaease of the "Still a Virgin's Animal6Farm" DVD end of April 2012. Greetz, No longer a Virgin but still a Bitch

    virginstilla, posted

    Too dark to see much and then a couple of bright flashes of light but not long enough to get any true view of what is going on

    st_benard, posted
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