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    Dog Eating My Pussy


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    Uploaded by brunetterider · Rating: 4.2 (252 votes) · 131539 views


    damn i wish my dog would get in my pussy like that!

    hogwild6969, posted

    my name samy My penis big strong long Protector Haij solid active fun thrill fun distort all the serious situation try and Hova yourself

    samyalii, posted

    mmmm....pink, wet pussy getting licked deep..hot!

    bnicenaughty, posted

    Thats not a pussy, its a full grown Lion. Whatever sounds like you were enjoying it and thats one well trained pooch.. Wish I had him!

    Diane1957, posted

    All of this was disgusting... Like wax ur nasty pussy bitch.. #justsaying

    chriskiss, posted

    I would love to lick you like that..

    FunBrenda, posted

    Loved it. I want that dog so bad

    mzboss, posted

    Omg i luv this. Want to be licked like that

    luvthebeast07, posted

    nice sound!!

    Riverchick, posted

    so wet, mmmmm, he loved her pussy.

    m8n7b6, posted

    hott vid~

    xwildcatx, posted

    iwana try dis so bad im so wetttt,ill let tht dog chow on my pussy

    sworn2luv69, posted

    i need a dog asap... my pussy is so wet...nyc here

    HornyVixxxen, posted

    Mmm I want a dog to do this so so bad.

    ravensdusk1, posted

    I just have to be licked like this. Anyone have a dog that would do it for me. Mmmm so hot

    luvthebeast07, posted

    Ridiculous that dog going to town on that puss.

    brenshinzo, posted

    I sure enjoyed seeing this black dog have lunch eating that white pussy; he sure enjoyed his lunch. i want him to lunch on me too.

    greatgirl9, posted


    greatgirl9, posted

    The cumming audio was so good...mmmyour dog can make you cum like a champ. Try rapping his paw in a condom, & fucking your pussy with his paw,.. then his cock...mmm

    Pergotski, posted


    yummy44, posted

    my pussy is wet and wanting that dog licking me.

    evebound, posted

    What a great video. That is one good dog, hu? What more does a girl need?!

    Anarchybunny, posted

    Love your pussy! Excellent video!!!

    zaraki, posted

    Oh yes, I love this stuff! Anyone care to swap stories? Email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com

    junglejohn, posted

    Ohh yess great clip.......love it my pussy is alll wet....going to have my dog. Eat. Me that way...he will lick me clean......mmmmmmmmmmm

    lovknots, posted

    Yummm my puppy loves to pick me like this especially when I'm on my period:)

    sylenasmommy, posted

    add my skype for fun im male !! jackjones807 IM UP FOR ANYTHING AT ALL!!

    erertfdgfdgfh, posted

    oh yes! great sound and i can see why that pooch just loves to keep digging in and lapping at the sweet, pretty, most likely very sweet pussy. good clip, love homemade licking vids.

    browneyedog, posted

    nice audio, baby girl. furry assed beaver too, yummy.

    jayko, posted

    girl I had to go back and watch your shit again...I had to cum. Damn please make more videos I like when you open that pussy up and the dog gets deep inside. DAMN!! The sounds he and you make are a real turn on.

    sallysuzy, posted

    I am strictly dickly but that pussy looks right...damn I would eat that pussy.

    sallysuzy, posted

    i wanna fuck that pussy now that its wet

    piroman247, posted

    I gotta say, that dog is very talented in eating her pussy. Its aazing how she spread her clit more so the dog can taste her deeper... I don't think most guys can eat pussy like that more than this great dog. This dog would make a great pet especially for this girl. And i seriously like that girl's pussy, no wonder the dog loves tasting it verry much. Being able to hear the dog licking that pussy like a pro gets me very hard... If only i was a girl i wouyld try this with my pets.

    soldierfool, posted

    I want that dog to eat my pussy too. i enjoyed watching him eat that woman's pussy. I sure wish that he was eating mine. I love a good pussy eater. I have enjoyed a good pussy eater. That dog is very good. How did she train that dog to eat her pussy that well. I sure wish that dog was in my apartment now. I would let him eat my pussy all night. Dog make great pussy eaters an more should be trained to eat woman's pussies.How much more do I have to say about that great pussy eating dog. I wish men could enjoy eating pussy that much. Dogs love sucking and eating pussy.

    greatgirl9, posted

    This video is amazing and you can tell her big black dog is a PRO and done it more than once too her. The dog is inbetween the women's legs, a nice chubby hairy fanny, who wouldn't want too lick this girl out? it got me so wet, clear sound and you can hear her reaching her orgasm near enough at the end, the dog just can get enough as you can hear in the video off his tongue lashing across, in and out off her pussy and around it, making her LOVE his tongue even more, her bright pink wet silky pussy has clearly been licking a through times before this video has been taking. The dog is a pro, looks it and god honest truth I'd have the dog right between my thighs right now licking my pussy out clean, good dogs like that don't come often ;)

    tammymcm, posted

    This video is about a sexy young girl getting licked by her loyal dog. The dog starts licking without any interuption. The dog licks her pussy with the clear sounds of the licking which will make anyone cum. The licking intensifies as the beautiful lady starts moaning and stroking her pussy. Clearly the lady loves the licking and she spreads her pussy open so the dogs tongue can go in deeper to feel her juice. This video is made very expertly and doesn't look like a first timer. She should bring in more videos like these and I recommend for everyone to watch.

    villain99, posted
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