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    Woman And Boar 1


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    Woman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and BoarWoman and Boar

    Uploaded by koniiwolf · Rating: 4.1 (270 votes) · 41754 views


    Its still hot!!!!! They say a pigs orgasm lasts 30 minutes...I want to drastically change my identity!

    jayko, posted

    nice load hot seein something diff, even thogh there not big cock

    beastsexbill, posted

    I love it! His big boar balls pumping her full of pigsperm.....

    jayko, posted

    Anyone know the name of the full video?

    Liode, posted

    holy fuck...i never saw so much cum in all my life. not even sure it there was penetration yet it was still hot...all that cum..snorting...holy shit

    peachesncream69, posted

    AMAZING! :) So rare and what a beautiful girl.

    shitbag1978, posted

    mmm love to help pollarbears@yahoo.co.uk

    domam, posted

    Wish I could lay under her, sucking her clit and drinking that come...

    desperatek9, posted

    Love to hear him grunting while inside her. Makes me soooo wet.....

    jynx27, posted

    no matter how many times I watch it I still get soaking wet! All that cum just dripping out, nowhere else to go, super hot and sticky mmmm

    naughtypooch, posted

    hot hot hot luved it thanks

    geyser, posted

    very nice would love to see more

    openlover79, posted

    I loved it

    kerstingirl, posted

    Incredible pile of spunk dripping out of this woman's cunt but would really like to have seen the boar slip that cock into her. Hope she makes another clip showing the pig mounting her and fucking her for a bit before giving her the slime injection. but nice all the same!!!!

    kaaty, posted

    looked to me like he missed her pussy and was cumming outside

    4fingers, posted

    Thank you ! I wonder if the boar knows that after having all these breedings he is like the next up and coming porn star! ;)Boy he does dump quite the load in the womans pussy ;0

    mehoff, posted

    omg she's SO wet!!!!!!!!

    xmrsxlecterx, posted

    so hot this my skype i want to see hot woman with hot dog same.jad

    samejawad, posted

    Never thought it'd be this good.Job well done!!!

    1billy4unow, posted

    WOW!!! looks so yummy

    want2trynow, posted

    OMG! As a cum loving male, i wish I were laying under her, fuck, I wish my wife would take a boar's cock deep! Anyone wanna email? kay.knot@yahoo.com

    kayknot, posted

    just watching his nuts quiver as he unloads his pig dna into her belly...and his cum is everywhere!!!...dripping down to her tits!!!....just think how much jiz is in her womb at this point...

    torn69, posted


    bigale7, posted

    hot fucking here ,am male love seeing a women getting licked n mounted ,i own a bitch an we r very active ,any lady wana chat add me seemenx@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    I wold love a fuck like that ... :)

    FunBrenda, posted

    Wow! Seeing his cum flooding her as he continues to pump it into her !!! Her pussy tightly clemched around his cock ;)

    mehoff, posted

    boras have sooo much cum. wish we could see it all cumming out of her pussy

    curbnubb, posted

    wowserrs is there more to this clip....if someone has the link please send it to me.......

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    wow, so hot

    mimi_22, posted

    add my skype for fun im male !! jackjones807 IM UP FOR ANYTHING AT ALL!!

    erertfdgfdgfh, posted

    really? this already needed to be reposted??? just saw this like a couple months ago : /

    browneyedog, posted

    This is an extremely rare clip and awesome despite how short it is . There are a lot of clips out there of women playing with boar dicks, giving them little playful licks. There are even some where the women let the boars take a couple passes at mounting them - never at the correct angle of course. This is one of the very very few where you see the boar get himself fully inserted to begin pumping her full of pig cum. Since she has taken his cock all the way to the sheath, you can bet that boars crazy corkscrew tip penetrated her cervix and is pumping his wiggly piglet seed straight into her uterus! Judging by the huge amount of overflow pouring out of her he has pumped that uterus of her's full!

    Rotgut, posted

    A rare video of a sexy women with your not so average pet boar. Its starts with the boar already buried in the woman as shes on all fours under a device to support this large animals weight and there are some nice messy shots of her being filled with cum. You can hear her enjoy the feeling of being filled from time to time. Its filmed in night vision so not the greatest if color is what ur looking for. As you would come to expect from a free video you are left wanting more. We can only hope for more videos to come of this gorgeous woman. Great video for anyone looking for something out of the norm.

    K9ryce, posted

    This is an excellent video showing that a woman can have fun with more than just your average pets. In this video a very beautiful woman has already been mounted by a boar and penetrated. There are great under body views of the boars penis inside the woman as he pumps copious amounts of cum into her. The great thing is that you can hear her moans of ecstasy as the intercourse takes place. This is a great movie in general and especially for those who would like to see somewhat more exotic animals with gorgeous older female. I would recommend this video to anyone.

    Intense28, posted
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