• dog fuck woman

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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    st.louis mo. hit me up

    duder135, posted

    Does anyone know where the rest of these videos are? there needs to be more than a minute somewhere.. message me with any info.

    wastingtime34, posted

    any woman with experience want to help me(a transsexual) get mounted? PLEASE leave me a private message, i use windows live messenger/yahoo for instant messaging. would highly appreciate this!

    Cartli, posted

    nice fuck more please

    weicheraner, posted

    Will anyone mail me vids of girls getting fucked by dogs? toneschmit@yahoo.com

    cardin61, posted

    baton rouge, louisiana hit me up

    opencity123, posted

    if u in louisiana hit me up

    opencity123, posted

    damn she cute slim an sexy thats one lucky doggy seemenx@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    Damn beautiful girl... but why so short??? I'm for sure she was playing longer!!! lucky dog.

    girls4dogs, posted

    Ah, no audio, sucks.

    jayko, posted

    I do need some of that..

    FunBrenda, posted

    Imma tryna Fuck her

    killabre93, posted

    that looked so nice wish it was me!

    AnimalSexMMM, posted

    Very nice he was giving and she was getting it good,wish it were longer! She was gorgeous!

    breeder09, posted

    wow, very nice.. love to get some of that..

    FunBrenda, posted

    dogs really going at it!

    browneyedog, posted

    feed your woman lolo

    Deimoz, posted

    ...but to short

    hukuschel, posted

    we need more from this girl

    punkdude1445, posted

    Beautiful girl short video though

    underyou141, posted

    Beautiful girl...

    86max90, posted

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