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    Dog Tied


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    girl tied to bed getting some loving from her dog

    Uploaded by colgoatboy · Rating: 3.2 (233 votes) · 41709 views


    MMMMM I wish I was in her place......Im so horny

    kountryqueen, posted

    das wuerde mir glatt auch gefallen... eine absolut geil funktionierende partnerschaft

    diespielerin, posted

    this looks hot but i wished she moaned more

    dogslickmenow, posted

    would any1 like to cam with me on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    glowstick25, posted

    Being tied and blindfolded makes it that much hotter.

    bettedaviseyes, posted

    she must be on drugs

    daddy45, posted

    Woman has a lovely body and it was nice to see her responding to being licked but I really wanted to watch that dog fuck her!!!

    kaaaty, posted

    She's oblivious to everything...except being into the moment! Love it!

    beedee241, posted

    male seeking female to have fun with my pitt... message me for details

    bianca18, posted

    If there are any girls in the Austin, TX area... I have a dog I'm trying to train. Inbox me! Or if you're just an exhibitionist and want someone to watch you on webcam or something.

    BeastlySebby, posted

    anyone in the NJ area have a dog that could lick me like that ? I need it so bad followed by a big fat cock rammed inside of me hard and long ..

    snakechamer, posted

    Mmmmmm.....just love this video and came twice while fingering myself and watching it......Mmmmm....I wish I had a dog that would lick my wet cunt like that...I would cum so fucking hard!!!

    36DDDtits, posted

    I wish I had a dog that would lick my wet cunt like that...I would cum so fucking hard!!! Anyone in the NC area have a dog that would fuck me??

    lynn7272, posted

    Mmmm, what a lucky girl!!

    lisa18, posted

    She hardly moved or made any sound...otherwise it was very hot...I would have been panting & moaning while the dildo was in & the dog was licking like a champ...to bad ahe didn't put her back onto it & absorb every lick & dildo thrust.

    Pergotski, posted

    too dark and boring

    pepetoni34, posted

    I wish I had this dog. He's furiously lapping and licking her cunt. I would cum....

    jthoen, posted


    normanhd, posted

    sweet submissive beauty.

    digitallover, posted

    MMm, just love this video and came twice while fingering myself and watching it.

    daddysk9girl, posted

    Every time I see this vid I just have to play with myself Mmmm that sweet soft moaning as the doggie licks her makes me cum every time. Damn I'm still horny

    DesiBitch, posted

    brings back memories of YEARS of letting the family dog lick my pussy every chance I got. The feel of the dogs tongue will always be the vest. I have had men lick me but the feeling just isn't as good. Let a dog lick my pussy ANYDAY and I will be happy. Makes me wish I had a dog again. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    looker72712, posted

    Beautiful. She 's bound and blindfolded. He skillfully licks her pussy craving. Meanwhile, the male thrusts rubber dick inside. And surely I could be a bunch of times with this game. I want it too! Immediately. mmmhhhhh ... I want that ...... Now I just masturbate with some toys ......

    stuzzi56, posted

    Daaaaaammmn! Sexy sexy! This video is the perfect description of hot. Tied to the bed, blindfolded, dog licking, toys, being watched. I mean, come one! I don't think it can get much better. This video had me touching myself so fast it was unreal. I love how the man is invovled- watching and playing. I alos love his rugged breathing, that was sexy. He almost sounds as if he is enjoying it more than her. Also how the dog is so eager to continue. This video is the best. A little more reaction out of her maybe? Then again I really liked hearing the slurring and the heavy breathing from the guy. Everyone should watch this video.

    MissKittehKat, posted
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