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    dog loves licking girlfriends pussy

    Uploaded by procom36 · Rating: 4.5 (251 votes) · 31154 views


    id fuck ur pussy with a hammer til u bleed n lick ur giant holle

    maddiespence22, posted

    i dunno.....honestly? i wish i had a dual volume control on this vid. i'd turn her volume ALL the way down and turn the volume up on this true champ of a licker here. Mr. I'm Doing My Job Extremely Well Even Though You Are Annoying And Distracting As Hell. good job puppy.

    k9allthetime, posted

    Male bisexual looking to chat and maybe trade pics ^_^ Feeling very horny will tell age through message, would love it if people messaged me, hope to see you soon ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    that is one of the hottest licking vids i've seen! she is awesome and makes the hottest sounds! i don't know whether to push her out of the way and let him get down on me or hold those pretty pussy lips for her :)

    beast_friendly, posted

    What a good boy! wish he was eating me right now

    harperlee, posted

    well done looks like thats done everyday hey...i sure as fuck would

    samantha69now, posted

    I get so wet watching him lick all in that hot ass pussy. I'd love to rubbing my pussy

    justsotired1, posted

    Love how you cum for him, please make more!!

    harperlee, posted

    Dont know who enjoyed this more, you or him!! I am wet as fuck, nearly came without even touching, great stuff

    kalakaaallll, posted

    He licks that pussy like he owns it!

    kekeko, posted

    Wow, what a good dog, knows just where to lick...hmmm

    uncutwilly, posted

    Oh, this does feel soooo good!

    sweetk9girll, posted


    kitten2, posted


    jenstone, posted

    Great video! Would love to see more of her.

    SuperMeMN, posted

    That lab is doing a pretty good job of cleaning that snatch right up. Don't know really who is enjoying it more. Her or the dog? All in all, good video - keep them cumming!

    acDvx400, posted

    I cannot stop watching this hot video..I couldn't even imagine if this women took a knot after a licking like that...with a better quality camera and as much enthusiasm as this clip it would be a perfect 5/5.

    Fairg, posted

    wow i love it

    danielruchser, posted

    Boy goes deep inside that hole. Must have been something mighty tasty in there.

    alifealife22, posted

    pretty good, nice licking, moaning seemed "a little" (well, a lot actually) put on... but she aims to please in her home vids. lol

    browneyedog, posted

    I need a good lick like that anyone want to help me with getting my first doggie lick?

    Risa2012, posted

    Hot damn please make more :D <3

    HarleyRider21, posted

    Nice clip, good audio....good pup.

    jayko, posted

    you sound as if you enjoyed that about as much as I enjoy it in my videos. fantastic - we should get together!

    shaggis12, posted

    Please post again honey!! Fuckin hot!!

    hamelk, posted

    Hot women. Need more.

    Fairg, posted

    Lucky dog

    grossegus, posted

    Fantastic! I loved this video. She obviously has an ideal relationship with her dog. The video starts with him lovingly licking her shaved pussy and it does not disappoint! You can tell he is well trained to lick her pussy. It did not take any coaxing with anything other than his need to make her happy. The dog licks and licks and licks! Once she cums he knows to continue licking but much much deeper. He is more than happy to stick his tongue deep inside her pussy to lick out all of her tasty juices. The pleasure he is giving her is obvious by the moans and crys from her. Although watching this video has made my pussy very wet and ache from the swelling, I would have been crawling up the wall if I was able to hear the sounds of the dog lapping her wet pussy. The sound of a dog licking a wet pussy and his heavy breathing as he is deep and his nose is pressed up against a pussy is enough to make a pussy crazy...at least it is for mine. Enjoy

    s1zan, posted
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