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    Dog Lick Pussy


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    Dog Lick Pussy

    Uploaded by SolidSnake24 · Rating: 3.9 (98 votes) · 101545 views


    ooooohhhhh magnifica leccata

    stuzzi56, posted

    Wow!that dog loves what hes tasting, I love at the end he really buries his snout into her cunt and drinks all of whats there, yum!

    whaddamouthful, posted

    Only if i had a dog...

    GGGGGG, posted

    I love the way this dog get up in her pussy

    kekeko, posted

    he seemed to be enjoying the clit, and dipping down toward her vag to lick the creme out, but not until almost the end of the video, she spread her legs apart enough that the lil doggy could really plunge his tongue in her hole and suck on her clit properly. tsk tsk

    oneofthesedays, posted

    I love the way that dog digs all up in that pussy cleaning all the cum out hmmm

    kekeko, posted

    my panties r already wet..planning 2 masterbate now

    cresida, posted

    ii want this so bad rite nw...ima ebony female 17 nd ii wnt dog for this purpose plus ii love animals

    EvanL9, posted

    fuck that feels gooood!!!

    aaaaah, posted

    I'm thinking GUYS learn from this!!

    aaaaah, posted


    niki2030, posted


    JEHAD, posted

    This woman is not " Ebony " I've had black pussy and this isn't it. I love way the dog gets it's nose right in her cunt...I like to do that too.

    beastieboy99, posted

    i wish i had been there. that pussy looked delicious! especially her cute little pink clitty.

    kris82, posted

    Any women interested in caming with 16 year old male to cum add lovestounload@hotmail.com, won't show face though. Just a precaution :]

    ilovetocum, posted


    Pucca909, posted

    I love the closeups. I wish every video of dogs eating pussy were as closeup as this so we see everything. That is such a turn on.

    pussybugg, posted

    Every lick, every nudge of that nose on my clit would send me over the edge again and again and again. I came so hard.

    FurBella, posted

    lucky little dog! thanks for sharing! :)

    south2, posted

    that was great! my first time on site and this was a great first video to watch! it made me so horny and wishing I had that dog as my personal licker!lol

    Cupcake15, posted

    Show VEB camera opens there are only adding women vebcamsex_man@hotmail.com

    nasip86, posted

    what i would do to have that dog licking deep in my pussy, would have loved for it to be longer but still good, great camera angle wish i could hear the moans as that dog licked deep

    lickmykitten, posted

    greedy for pussy great litle clip thanks

    mikiyrogers, posted

    I love how he rubs his nose on her clit has he licks deep into her pussy.. very nice but needs sound

    sefa2002, posted

    it was pretty good, but like he said, needs sound

    omfgwtfbitch, posted

    he gets right in there hey. one hungry dog.

    dagsy, posted

    Now thats a good dog lick!! :D Wish it was me, there... Thanks for posting

    luamar_69, posted

    all that was missing was the sound. The nose was rite on the clit while tongue was in her...I can imagine her moans. DAMN!!!!

    dldoglover000, posted


    cottonmouth, posted

    The downside is this video is very short, and no sound but it depicts a nice close up of a woman’s vagina with her white pooch burying his nose deep in her vagina. I wish I could have heard these females reactions to the pleasure given to her by this pooch. But other than the sound set back it is not a bad video though the woman’s pussy looks a bit hairy which for me is a turn off. This video has quality that is only mediocre it gives you enough detail to get a nice view o the pussy.

    lickmykitten, posted

    The video appears to depict a white male dog eating a Latino females vagina. This is great regarding the small amount of sexy Latino girls with dogs . The dog uses his whole mouth and tongue to briskly toy with with girls sexy vagina. Her vagina looks as if hair is growing back which is a bit of a turn off. The dogs nose appears to tickle the females clit. Sadly the video does not have any sound. It would have been great to hear the reactions from the female to the dog giving her oral pleasure. The video leaves viewers wanting to see more however and even imagining what else happened with the female and the dog.

    wewu123, posted

    This is video clip starts off as the dog licking this female's vagina as says the title . The white dog looks very focused on that sexy pussy . The video does not contain any audio but you could imagine the slurping noises of the dog sucking on that juicy pussy . I assume from the video that the girl in the video is an Ebony . That would turn anyone on even more judging from the lack of Ebony videos of slutty girls lurking for lust from dogs . But this video serves its purpose and is an excellent clip to watch . Please enjoy !

    mukurox, posted
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