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    Woman Gets Licked To Orgasm


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    A woman with a nice body spreads her legs and gets licked by her dog until she has a powerful orgasm that causes her to squirm. Nice sound and the quality is good.

    Uploaded by FreeStuff0114 · Rating: 4.4 (406 votes) · 51500 views


    that dog did NOT stop!!! had his face BURIED!! WOW.... what fucking TV show were you watching? insane!

    Spinelli69, posted

    that fucken tv in the bakcground ruins it....

    DoubleDude, posted

    geile deutsche sau

    dirk2305, posted

    I wish I could find a dog to lick my pussy like he licked hers! It looks like his tongue fucks her deep

    dogslickmenow, posted

    yep this is good, made me hard!

    kklose, posted

    20 year old male from NSW, any aussie women inbox me for a chat ;)

    AusJeff, posted

    Man that dog got in deep! This clip was amazingly hot!

    GSD777, posted

    very hot. whenever i had the chance to get licked till orgasm id twitch too due to the sensitivity afterwards... good times. Will fave this video

    furryartist92, posted

    Interested in some cam to cam and mic to mic action? Leave me a message here or Skype me "anaughtyguy22"

    anaughtyguy22, posted

    I need this dog now

    bobant61, posted

    Da wird meine Muschi wieder nass ....will auch geleckt werden

    geilemuschi65, posted

    Ok, good video thanks for post!!! On a personal note awesome choice in music. That it Two Steps from Hell!!! I love that music!!! Also would not mind watching something like this through Skype.

    bluedestiny, posted

    Hey I'm a 20 year old female located by DALLAS. I'm petite and attractive and in shape. Looking for a male dog, this will be my first time with an animal. I'm VERY open minded. Message me if you can help!

    Xprettyy, posted

    To get really licked good fill your pussy and rectum with lots of cum from different men and animals. Then jam some bacon in your pussy and some raw sausage up your ass to keep the cum loaded in there. Then the god will lick you good until its all emptied. Its always nice to shit a little of the sausage cum out bits at a time while he gobbles it up.

    alifealife22, posted

    mmmm I wanna sit on her face and have her lick me while the dog is licking her, then I would make her orgasm harder than the god did. What a beautiful pussy!

    doggielover2248, posted

    straight male looking for female dog to fuck near maple grove MN please contact at nohouse345@yahoo.com

    cold12345, posted

    *Angry cat on tv...* dog *WHAT?*

    digilover, posted

    about time, im tired of seeing the fat hairy chics

    jp857, posted


    hornymom69, posted

    the simpsoooons :D

    pkikikaka, posted

    Fuck thats hot. Anyone want to chat? Im 23 M looking for some tonight. Just message me

    1921help, posted

    fuck this made me so fucking wet

    emmanem616, posted

    would love to have been sitting on her face and tweaking her nipples while the dog licked her :)

    sez, posted

    Very hot! I like watching this, even better in person! Anyone care to chat email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com

    junglejohn, posted

    Hello ^^ look at my profile and maybe message me ^^ (Male, wont say age, might get into trouble and get blocked ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    God my pussy is wet!

    twofingers, posted

    Young male looking to get some cock. The Kinkier the better. Im 5'9 about 135 pounds. Southern WI area. Pm me. I am also into animals.

    likelikealot, posted

    my pussy is dripping,my shithole wants licking like this,lick the shit out of it...

    judasfanny, posted

    Mmm, you can tell he loves pleasing her. Such a good puppy!

    laceadams, posted

    she is very hot and great vids

    superlooking, posted

    Such a good doggie eating mommy's pussy like that!! Every girl should have a dog like this of her own!!!!

    missi35, posted

    well done very hot and it made my pussy wet

    samantha69now, posted

    Ach du scheiße läuft da Ne zalando Werbung xD ! Aber ansonsten super vid :D!

    Beast.01Boy, posted

    this dogg is good he was all in that pussy and it hurted her thats why she yelled

    libbyfromdahood, posted


    libbyfromdahood, posted

    Made me giggle when the doggy responded to a cat meowing on tv near the end :P

    Folf, posted

    yes they are cops, i on the other hand am a 17/m bi that would love to talk with someone, i love to fuck and suck and get fucked, in my state 17 is the legal age for sex with any age, so dont hesitate or think i am a cop because i am not

    bigcaboom1, posted

    thank you for the background noise-that's what turns me on most on sex sites...

    dirtdevil, posted

    That was hott. I would like to see more. Show you faces.

    k9fan, posted

    I'm so horny now!!

    lynn7272, posted

    lol simsons im hintergrund sonst sehr geil

    Lona710, posted

    Ummm - I'm soooo wet now!

    slavechild, posted

    sehr geiler lecker

    susi.l793, posted

    mmm yummy

    subnick2010, posted

    i would like to be licked my ass like that

    bulldogmike, posted

    thank you! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    YUMMY. This dog can stay on a pussy! Your pussy looks so delicious, lucky you!

    lionlicker, posted

    Love it:)

    sylenasmommy, posted

    Fantastic video...made me cum so hard. The sound quality and the attention the dog shows to her is wonderful. Just beautiful. I can only imagine how great the experience was. The other person in the video was a big turn on for me as well...I am very much a fan of rough pussy play and I hope one day to find someone so into my love of doggies. She has an excellent body and cute bb piercing. The dog is so handsome with a big mouth. Wow let me watch this one again. My pussy is still throbbing.

    sylenasmommy, posted
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