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    3 D Dog Sex


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    3D Dog sex

    Uploaded by olimpiada · Rating: 2.1 (483 votes) · 107969 views


    My cousin & me watching my Aunt one summer

    lexxilynn33, posted

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    hotrod167, posted

    A movie clip made of some guy watching a bad looping gif file on his computer, stretched and looped for 1:48. No action, just the same humping motion and the same expression for nearly two minutes. Horrid. Avoid it.

    SLSPam, posted

    Pierre7 took the words outta my mouth

    xmrsxlecterx, posted

    I want to dog fuck in KS mmmmm

    hotshit199169, posted


    aq0411, posted

    My god, a movie recording of a looping gif! Like watching paint dry, but without the plot development.

    pierre7, posted

    No sound, repetitive loop. Sucks.

    AlconBlue, posted

    good fuck reminds me of my dog blacky, would be better if he came inside her

    littlelana, posted


    kitten2, posted

    Looks like the same 5 second clip, looped over for 1:48 - boring! :(

    solidrock, posted

    This is not 3D for one, it is 2D, It is also on a loop, same old shit over and over again, really boring and once again false advertising. You dont really see anything, the dog just sits there fucking the girl from behind over and over again, and after the first few times you cant wait for it to be over because nothing is happening. The 2D, may i say again 2d NOT 3D graphics were ok, but really nothing special, and the other girl laying on the bed is just boring. Why cant people just say what something is (2d, not 3d) when they share it so we are not disappointed. Also, there was something strange on the left side of the screen the whole time. Really bad form.

    kittenfrell, posted

    Young teen getting it doggy style while her friend watches on. Dissappointing as this could have been so much more. Quality of the anmiation showed promise, but end result is a very boring loop from what looks like a "Orgasm Meter" point and click game. Shame, as good hentai / anime dog sex is hard to come by. The inclusion of sound would have been appreciated, it could have made up for the visual short fall. Most likely would have been that annoying high pitched and indecipherable japanese screaming, so on the other hand, maybe lack of sound is a good thing?

    febguy, posted
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