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    Dog Licking 1


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    Dog licking girl pussy, with sound. Good quality.

    Uploaded by shadow-warrior · Rating: 4.1 (255 votes) · 56156 views


    Such a good boy, licking her pretty cunt so well!

    jayko, posted

    she looks like she is dressed in her bridal gown....lovely

    joshjosh30, posted

    i want this again so much!!

    cntfacejane, posted

    we expect more videos from you

    frankrananaware, posted

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    mamaooo, posted

    move the dog now her pussy is nice and wet as i want to ram my cock up her juicy cunt ==D -

    cable22a, posted

    gosh i'd LOVE to play with yoU!

    hornymom69, posted

    dam that is so hot love your man playing with u as well what a turn on

    samantha69now, posted

    very hot...love that her man was fingering her too...should have let her suck his cock why dog did her hole..or fuck her from behind why dog licked her..was a video though...now I'm wet

    peachesncream69, posted

    it would be so good if it was longer

    anglen11, posted

    WOW that was great

    married1, posted

    so hot

    daddyeatspussy, posted

    can you emigen how good that files to here

    losrin1938, posted

    love this and the stockings

    davidp65, posted

    now that is what i want to come home to damn sexy hot

    bitchhunting, posted

    love it, great Bride look

    HSLC, posted

    Nice audio, nice pussy, great licker....whats up with the background noise?

    jayko, posted

    I am jealous of that dog. I would love to lick that pussy!

    hughcock, posted


    hornymom69, posted

    what a sexy girl, love what she's wearing too

    mangler510, posted

    Very nice, and good audio, ty!

    jayko, posted

    Need a good doggie like that in Chicago!

    conniechung, posted

    I need a dog to fuck my tight little pussy! I wish I had a big doggie to love.

    lilimie2012, posted

    my favorite dog with a beautiful woman and lovely pussy mmmmm

    love_mature88, posted

    great movie she loves it and so does the dog

    samantha69now, posted

    Damn thats hot! That pussy must be so delicious cause he never stopped licking it!

    breeder09, posted

    too many fingers in there. Let the dog do the job.

    orangemailbag, posted

    looking for someone who has a female dog i can fuck, south england! 23 yr old male

    norm69er, posted

    I wish I had a puppy to lick me THAT good...

    newbeastieslut, posted

    love when they get right in there........

    lovesdogcunt, posted

    mmm zou het zelf ni beter kunnen

    kangeroe, posted

    ahh yes, a bride on her wedding day... :/

    browneyedog, posted

    hmmm delicious !!! I wanna ...

    schwarz3000, posted

    I love seeing a dog really enjoying licking a beautiful pussy

    laceadams, posted

    yeah, lovely!

    Prasak, posted

    her dog certainly digs her pussy! wonderful!

    kitten2, posted

    This is a pretty good lick video. I love how passionate the dog is about licking the woman's pussy . it is just so fuckin great about how he licks. You like damn I wish I had him but lets go on now. I like how the camera does not move alot and its nice and clear so it does not take away. The only bad thing I can see is how that guys hand interfers a little but it is not to bad. Overall this is a great lick video I give it a 9 out of 10 this is a great video and if you like lick videos you will love every second of this little lick gem that was wonderfully done with a lot of love.

    jessicazoosex, posted

    Where to begin. Let's start with the things that are good about this video (or what I like). The video and sound were clear and steady, no annoying background noise to distract from the sound of the dog's eager licking. The dog is interested in licking and his partner was willing. Apparently so was her partner, as he couldn't keep his hands out of her. That brings be to what's wrong (what I didn't like) about the video. In my personal experience, and you see this a little in the clip, the more your hands are in the way, the less the animal will lick. If you want a good licking (or want to watch one) use your hands to spread yourself open, but keep all fingers (yours or anyone else's) out of the honeypot! Let that beautiful animal and beautiful tongue do it's thing!

    RottieFan, posted
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