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    My Puppy Licking


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    My puppy eagerly licked my pussy.. Felt soooo good

    Uploaded by fuckme2010 · Rating: 4.0 (99 votes) · 31883 views


    I lost interest he nano second I saw that the stupid bitch had pieces of metal driven through her lips and clit. Fucking gross and an absolute TURN OFF!

    Viking25, posted

    nice licking, love the sounds - the licking and the girl's moans. I think she even got a few kisses from her puppy, tasting herself too.

    katierez, posted

    i'm sure you felt guilty

    youwillendthis, posted

    my cock got reallyhard watching, would love to have your lovely dog lick me like that

    xover51, posted

    very nice and hot made me get my dog in to lick me.. came so quick

    samantha69now, posted

    Damn! He licks well. I finger my pussy while watching this and I came fast! TY

    BeastlyWet, posted

    mmm oh god wow

    anglen11, posted

    wonder if he would lick my nuts like that while i was fucking you

    ballsblue, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,like some of that....

    lilyf, posted

    thats hot :3 watched it quite a few times and u have a cute voice to :3 lol

    johnomnom, posted

    Can you give me a chance to be your puppy .I will lick clean your pussy

    lizu123, posted

    I can almost taste your sweet nectar

    hadda6922, posted

    good dog, i'd eat the hell outta that pussy too

    hornyfucker2099, posted

    what a gorgeous pussy, so beautiful.

    eric141520, posted

    Oh ... you do not know how many times I've played this game!

    stuzzi56, posted

    Lovet she look good.

    luky1973, posted

    your pussy looks amazing!

    BiggWillie69, posted


    Cawblen, posted

    would like to see more of you!!!

    downlow54, posted

    I LIKE IT!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    This video does a great job of making me wet and it has since the first time I saw it. Clearly the puppy enjoys what he's doing, and we can see the woman enjoying it too. That's one of the things I love most: we get a nice view of the dog licking away at her clit, and as the video goes on it grows and grows from his passionate kisses. So hot! One thing's for sure, eager is exactly the right way to describe this puppy, and it's great to see him so eager to please.

    Chaithus, posted

    This is a pretty nice video. The girl has a pretty pierced and shaved pussy. The puppy seems to be kinda hesitant, but the girl keeps coaxing her to lick her pussy, calling her a good girl. Whenever the dog stops, she dips her finger inside her pretty pussy and spreads her sweet honey all over for the pup's eager tongue to lap up. The slurping sounds and moans make a nice soundtrack to this video, and the angle lets you see every single lick. I remember when i first had my pup lick me; took some coaxing, but he soon became a pro at it. This made me so wet, and makes me want to go get another dog so they can lick my pussy for me. With the right amount of encouragement, this pup will soon be a licking machine, and the girl will enjoy countless sessions of endless licking. Overall, I give this 3.5 out of 5 for good quality, great licking content, and nice audio.

    rei248, posted
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