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    Dog Licking Sweet Pussy And Ass


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    Girl lovr to get that pussy licked

    Uploaded by diesel119 · Rating: 3.5 (31 votes) · 25682 views


    my dog loves licking asshole

    collo333, posted

    that large marge appears to have a huge nutsack....

    yoyomain, posted

    I wish I were this lucky guy

    lizu123, posted

    why are they always so fat?

    k911, posted

    thats hot wish it was a little longer

    Luckycolf, posted

    A large Marge on her knees (where else should she be?) has her two dogs down below her, licking her nice and deep. The camera pans around and you get a nice hot look. The view is very good, and the camera work good, too. But, what can you say about a 13 second video? I wish I could have been there in person - I would have been glad to fill the pussy up first and let the dogs clean her up even better - but that was not the case. Anyway, it is worth watching, and I will watch it again. I hope she ended up with one or both of the dogs pounding her pussy - it looked sweet, just as advertised. The audio is pretty much a bust, though the sound quality is very good. You can hear the background noises of a household, but no nice wet slurpy noises from her, nor from the dogs doing the deal. I rate this as a 10 for quality, a 8 for fun to watch, and a 3 for length! Were it longer it would have been fabulous! One thing about it - I bet the bitch on the couch enjoyed it a LOT! Two for the price of one!

    pullatrain, posted
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