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    I would have like to see her take more of that cock in her mouth. I sure would like to lick that cock clean and then fuck my horny cunt

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    Very nice tease! I would have enjoyed seeing you take his knot and deep throat his cock and swalloow his cum! MMMM!

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    i would love to be fucking her as shes throating that cock. i would suck it with her and share the cum. mmmmmmmmmmmm

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    This woman is amazing at giving oral,once again lucky lucky dog!

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    very sexy she loves it you can tell, what a lucky dog and guy

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    wooow...simply a horny slut.....

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    ya i eat her pussy ... look hes playin wiht her tit as she kind of sucks

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    Wish I was her dog she really knows how to suck cock

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    she has a nice pussy

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    so when does the title come into play here?.......

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    nice, I love dog cock down my throat. Tasty.

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    Nice dog cock, but that pussy looks just yummy!!!

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    Not bad, but she wasted alot of sweet dogsperm.

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    How hot was that

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    Hot clip,Im looking for like minded females to help me train my dog.

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    We start off in the garage which makes you feel like you're there. The guy with the camera covers everything relatively well, would like to have seen a better closeup though. The girl in the video should have kept her legs open so we could see her pussy. She is sucking off her dog from underneath him and then he starts to cum all over her face. She kind of seems like she doesn't want to do it though. Next time I would love to see her taking a knot or drinking that cum like she's starving for it with good close ups and a steady camera. I love video clips that are real, It was a good video though and we appreciate you guys sharing.

    got2cit8, posted

    damn goooood ..would love to see this lady in lots more movies...

    shaymca, posted

    Wow so hot im a filthy male slut lookin for like minded girls to get dirty with

    dirtydogcumboy, posted

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    This is a OK suck video I like it how she licks his cock like its above rather than at another angle. But the action is rocky due to the camera which makes a bunch of problems then there is the woman here self she I chubby ( a hot chubby so you chubby chasers will like her) but is fully dressed except when you see her puss as she odly wears a shirt and skirt yet no undies. So this could be a good video but what makes it below par is there is not a/lot of actual sucking as for their is only like 15 seconds of suck though this is a minute and a half video! So i give it. A 3 out of 10

    jessicazoosex, posted
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