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    Peanut Butter Sandwitch Pt.3


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    Dog licks peanut butter off girls pussy and she cums

    Uploaded by bananaorange · Rating: 4.0 (67 votes) · 32124 views


    dont you just love it when the dog licks your ass?? i love to stick my toy up my little cunt and get on my knees. my dog gets his tongue right up my little ass hole over and over until i squirt all over the floor. its amazing

    yourmammaaaa, posted

    Young male looking to get some cock. The Kinkier the better. Im 5'9 about 135 pounds. Southern WI area. Pm me. I am also into animals.

    likelikealot, posted

    this just keeps me coming amazing

    makeup1, posted

    cant beleve i wasted 3 credets on this 3 part video i kept thinkin its ganna get better dont worry but NO just a dog licking off peanut butter :/ 3 minuts ill never get back of my life

    thundermoon99, posted


    bpratap, posted

    @browneydog: You can eat that huge zit on her muffin, that would fill ya up XD

    dragonsgirl, posted

    i am far less than hungry after watching this...

    browneyedog, posted

    This is a very nice lick vide o. Note the tittle refers to the fact that this hot woman is using pb to make the dog lick her pussy. Its really good as far as lick videos go because one you can really she her pussy and two the dog (thanks to the peanut butter) is really into it and he is also very very cute. However it is sad that the black dog in the back does not join in on the licking action. But overall its a great lick video I give it a eight out of ten with props for the use of pb

    jessicazoosex, posted

    If you like licking movies, this one is pretty good. The girl is larger, and has a few tats on her ankle and fingers. The view is from her perspective, and the dog is a small dog. You can tell the girl is pretty excited - her pussy lips are bright red and ready for licking. The dog is licking off peanut butter, and while doing it, the girl comes through a combo of her fingers and the dog licking. It is really pretty hot to watch, and I must admit, I would love to lick that big pussy, too. The video is excellent in quality - very clear, very well focused, and the audio is even better. I love it when you can hear the performer, and you can very easily here. Not perfect - I always love to see lots of nice hot juicy cum - but this is a very hot video that will keep your cock boiling! Watch it!

    pullatrain, posted
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