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    Uploaded by zoomoviestar · Rating: 3.4 (240 votes) · 83049 views



    wirsuchen, posted

    100% free chat line call 1 712 432 42 75 go to room 1# ask fot tom

    lovebig, posted

    Good boy she is enjoying you hammering her hot pussy ;)

    mehoff, posted

    THIS IS MOM O__o

    __101__, posted

    yes white bitch want dog cock want to do video me suck off dog eat his cum then have him use me like bitch and cuck get under female eat his cum out of her pussy you need bitch 6ft 3inch teenie cock lady tell me i can be bitch as women want stud 404-444-8844 cfrey83@yahoo.com

    cuck50, posted

    What a sexy fukn whore. Letting a dog fuck her while a roomfull of manpigs watch......good slut!

    rickywebb, posted

    sexy girl, love her tghighs hips n ass jigglig as he fucks her! another dirty brit wife!

    beastsexbill, posted

    Nice. But why show your faces on camera so that your friends and family can identify you (if they're horny enough to be on this site)?

    Miles51ki, posted

    Mm i want this bad

    gangstagrl247, posted

    Je bent een droom Sabine!

    sabineke, posted

    Hello, am a male looking for a nice male dog to play with, or a female dog. If anyone has a dog in UK Cheshire then please message me and maybe I can have some fun.

    DragonKingUK, posted

    Beautiful, more please.

    Johnson007, posted

    Nice big dog fucks her, but video too dark.

    IdahoPet, posted

    my pussy needs this action

    judasfanny, posted

    Makes me so wet to see guys watching and helping a big dog get into a slut.

    jynx27, posted


    dfpjs137, posted

    would love to see him knot her

    iloveit62, posted

    lucky bitch

    NeedsIT69, posted

    Dirty slut

    justincollings, posted

    Hey moviestar thank you with all my heart for being a professional at this.You're one of the best.

    1billy4unow, posted

    nice wet smelly cunt needs more dogcock

    goldguy, posted

    sweet fat cunt!

    jayko, posted


    madcyril, posted

    the picture quality was a bit iffy. loved the way the bitches ass moved and the strength of the dogs fuck. would have loved the finish and knotting.

    kuttachodu, posted

    Pity it was so short. Would have liked to see the dog knot in her and then cum.

    petesfolly, posted

    Nice English female gets a helping hand from a friend so that the dog fucks her while another friend films. The filming friends asks her to give a smile to the camera and when she does the dog cock enters her and immediately she feels his big cock and starts to moan. She is enjoying the dog humping her as his quick thrusts enter her pussy. She comments by saying 'that's good'. Although the dog is in her pussy it hasn't knotted her as yet. The movie can be a little longer and the lighting a little better. But overall a good movie.

    steven777, posted
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