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    Ameteur French


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    Woman and a Sheepdog

    Uploaded by calvin · Rating: 3.8 (253 votes) · 72382 views


    I need a GF that want to fuck me and a dog. N.Cal here.

    Jake1975, posted

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    mamaooo, posted

    need a fuck like tht

    hungrypussy1, posted

    Enjoyed hearing her moaning

    mnwmobileatyah, posted


    breeder09, posted

    sissy bitch in heat for dog cock would you breed me for video let me no also suck his cock

    shepussy, posted

    hmmm very nice

    likeitlarge, posted

    So Very Hot

    k9sukr, posted

    That is sooooooooooo sexy hot I want to eat her hairy pussy afterwards!

    breeder09, posted

    Komme aus Deutschland, wer Lust auf Spaß hat soll sich bei mir melden. zip.sp2@web.de

    kcnckcnc, posted


    oocumoo, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    i want her to scream and moan like that while i fuck her semen-soaked pussy with my tongue

    stonergirl, posted

    I REALLY like the sound effects ! ! !

    ThisMan, posted

    too short

    smokinhotgilf, posted

    very nice looking girl good vid great rack on her also any girls who want to web cam or send private photos my email is beh8@hotmail.com

    heavyd8, posted

    mmm. lucky girl!!!

    uunng, posted


    femalezoo, posted

    Good short and I do mean short.

    red-rider, posted

    Very nice once he got inside of her sweet hairy pussy he pumped her good!

    breeder09, posted

    one of the best movies. great audio.

    digitallover, posted

    great woman! wow!

    pacman6969, posted


    gambo, posted

    amazing series

    wagamanel, posted

    DAM, Oui Oui Mademoiselle! I love her! Definitely A 4.5+ For all of her series of clips! And Im not even French!


    Qui qui monsieur! Excellent! She is the best! She has it all! The fishnets, heels,the boobs, the pussy. Shes perfect and shes French?


    me gusta deberia de tener unos videos mas largo

    fernanxxxd, posted

    me gusta deberia de tener unos videos mas largo

    fernanxxxd, posted

    me gusta deberia de tener unos videos mas largo

    fernanxxxd, posted

    me gusta deberia de tener unos videos mas largo

    fernanxxxd, posted

    Great Video!

    BitchKym, posted

    My wife makes noises like that too when she is being pounded by a stud dog!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    I watched it again...it does have nice audio, I like her shreiks and the wet cummy noises.

    jayko, posted

    familiar with all the sensations and loving it.. :)

    kitten2, posted

    I want to go next please!!! Good vid! Thank you I'd take turns with the her and the dog as we pounded her all day!!

    mehoff, posted

    I'm excited their groaning, and as the dog moves, I would love to be in place, me excitan sus gemidos, y como se mueve el perro, me encantaria estar en su lugar

    marlenediet, posted

    that old sheep dog tore that pussy up,and I think she liked it.

    repeter41, posted

    only hair not much els

    attala200, posted

    It took a few jabs but he hit the mark and drove it deep she sounds like she loves it. Ilove seeing her swinging tits

    mehoff, posted

    I LOVE watching women mate with male dogs!

    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    Sound track is better than the film. I love the sounds of his cock in her pussy and her moans

    ErinLucy, posted

    Yeppers, lotsa hair and no details. Damn French, anyway.

    jayko, posted

    How do you want to see any visuals if there only is hair?

    doggyass, posted

    Terrible camera work. A bit of screaming but little to no visuals.

    sweetk9girll, posted

    A semi good film of sheepdog mounting woman.It starts off very slow. Camera angle could have been better. Best part of this clip, is the moaning coming from the woman when the dog really starts pounding her at the end of the clip.Audio is very good, and really gets a person excited. This is where this clip should have started, and proceeded from there . This dog really knows his stuff. Would love to see more of this dog in action, with a little better camera operator, a little more time, and lots of angles, including closeups of dog deep inside.

    klamathman, posted

    This is a gud but short clip starts off slow wit the horny sheep dog licking her wet pussy then it jump scenes to the women bending over allowing the big dick sheep dog to mount her @ first he needs a lil help from the women but when he finally finds her wet pussy with his big dick you can tell from the moans she lets out and quickly as his big dick pounds her tight wet pussy moans turns into screams as his dick begins to swell up inside her in cum begins to splash everywhere while she rubs her pussy for maximum orgasm overall nice short clip

    unisex99, posted

    I could have done with out the long lead in. It got better at the end. I would like to explain to prospective submitters that full nudity is better. Also good clear sound and strong diffused lighting. It's important to be able to see in those dark recesses. No male sounds is also important. It takes away from the 'moment'. Edit to the real action and woman sounding off like this one toward the end. The sounds of joy from the woman are what men want to be hearing. The sounds of the animal are frosting on the cake. It is like the old saying: 'You get out of it what you put into it. If just a little more effort is put in to these movies the fun and pleasure will be a lot more rewarding for every one

    Lilith1, posted
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