• see the girl being fucked by dog...

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    Love 2 watch this video! This animal loves 2 fuck! I love the way his big hanging nuts swing!!

    k9nutzxl2, posted

    look at her body too....HOT

    harderthannorm, posted

    she keeps moving!!!

    Spinelli69, posted

    this bitch would love and obey a k9 master like this

    lovingthedog, posted


    eatcum, posted

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    mamaooo, posted

    Hello, am a male looking for a nice male dog to play with & suck and drink his cum , or a female dog in heat . If anyone has a dog in UK Warrington Cheshire then please message me or add me to Skype doglover2012uk same for Yahoo Messanger Thanks Nigel

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    mamaooo, posted

    hot body gurl doggy and gurl need more practice awesome

    junglebunny, posted

    I wanna be fucked now.

    wytk2good4u, posted

    these fine asss women n doggie dicks have got me so horny never been with 2-3 men at one time but would ifit cum along r ladies i will suk u dog off while u fuk me 48 yr ole bi-wht subm mle im so horny

    nailmesweet54, posted

    Someone please help my cunt get knotted

    Nursetits, posted

    she should get down on the floor on her arms with her legs spread woder and lower.. give him a chance.. nice anyway

    FunBrenda, posted

    baton rouge, louisiana hit me up

    opencity123, posted

    15 year old girl here with a dripping wet pussy!

    kateps1996, posted

    Needs a mobile version!

    DrOctagonapus5, posted

    Terrible. What a shame for the dog:(

    bubby53467, posted

    More like dog "trying" to fuck girl but girl not cooperating.

    Rotgut, posted

    I'd like to give her a helping hand.

    1billy4unow, posted

    looks like the gal was protecting her ass-hole. bet he's fucked her more than once.

    1robert, posted

    @gewgirl do you have a blackberry? X

    jasonman12, posted

    thats some hawt shit and i love it! thanks ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    16 yr old girl, message me guys for some "chat" ;) xxx xxx xxx

    gewgirl, posted

    Like others have said the dog is not succeeding. In fact if ever he gets close to hitting the mark the girl protects herself and pushes him away.

    pokelover, posted

    Pretty girl. Dog not used to fucking properly. Little more training and it will be good.

    petesfolly, posted

    Hello, am a male looking for a nice male dog to play with, or a female dog. If anyone has a dog in UK Cheshire then please message me and maybe I can have some fun.

    DragonKingUK, posted

    bredmare is right. The dog isn't really fucking the girl. It's trying to, but not succeeding. But though it's not really fucking the girl, the whole clip is horny enough. Due to the beautiful girl with her swaying tits and her beautiful body. And like bredmare said: the title is wrong. 090812 @ animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    The dog looks happy. She does not.

    ThisMan, posted

    HEY LOOK! they are both wearing 'shoes'... : /

    browneyedog, posted

    nothing hotter then seeing tits swaying as she is being fucked by a dog dam she is sooooooo fucking hot i want one

    bitchhunting, posted

    Oh. Am horny ryt nw

    simonbb, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with me please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    beautiful animal! well hung with nice big hanging balls! Good boy!

    k9nutzxl2, posted

    Wrong title, should read, trying to fuck girl.

    bredmare, posted

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    crap snipit, breif penetration at the end. no knot. wheres the hardcore moaning knotting screaming cumming vids at. this is very hard to write 100 words about as i am not amused. i would advise not to bother watching. there are far better vids on here. in my opinion sallys videos would be by far the best. u can tell shes in pleasurable pain from the huge cock raping her pussy. would love to see that in real life. but in my small country (new zealand) i can only but dream. i have seen this clip before in full however and it does become more enjoyable and i think theres a scene where she may take the knot

    anal8989, posted
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