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    Sexy Teen Gets Pussy Eaten By Dog Through Thong


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    my first video, my little yorkie goes crazy to lick my pussy. hope you enjoy, i'll be making more soon, next time no panties ;) x

    Uploaded by puppylixgood · Rating: 4.4 (274 votes) · 35812 views


    so hot

    shawn2185, posted

    wens next clip

    fubar065, posted

    love the vocals... such a turn on.

    mrbeast247, posted

    great movie...sooo sexy

    ig0r, posted

    Amazingly beuty ! Thanks for zaring

    loboalfa, posted

    lovely i would love to fuck u while ur dogs licks

    beastmaster82, posted

    wow this is absolutely great! inbox me when you have the next clip :)

    punkdude1445, posted

    wow, how lovely .... good girl, yeah!

    Prasak, posted

    very nice, honeybuns!

    jayko, posted

    Such a hot clip of a dirty girl getting licked by her dog. Her sexy voice and moans made my pussy incredibly wet and cum so hard.

    dirtykink, posted

    wow.......awesome....i luv da panties on. makes it exciting watching u pull it on the side while u moan, shows u are rite into it!!!

    ravage2k6, posted

    omfg!! this is one sexy fucking vieo!!!! her voice gets me hard as soon as i hea it haha xxxx

    manu7777, posted

    keep the panties on, wear satin next time...

    johnny69, posted

    all i can say is she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy

    bitchhunting, posted

    love it !

    billyboy3112, posted

    I agree with most of these comments. The sounds from 'mommy' made the whole clip. I can't wait to see and hear more from you...

    goatithard, posted

    Love it. give us more!

    Nazario, posted

    I'd love to be that dog...must be so tasty!!!!

    fredog51M, posted

    That was hot,,,,,,, the sexy moans and voice made this clip..... look forward to future posts

    lovetowatch100, posted

    that was hot,,, would love to chat with u,, im dapiggy54 on YH mess......,,licks

    dapiggy, posted

    Very good! Nice clear Video and the sound is awesome!! would love to see the rest!

    coyote561, posted

    you ask me both are good girls and mommy loves her lesbian dog damn sexy hot and the voice omg would love to her her cum

    bitchhunting, posted

    would love to have her suck my cock while she gets ate out :O HOT clip gurl keep them cumming ;)

    backroombutton, posted

    noit the hardes tbut formyself themost exciting ! Please comme back soon !

    docvicious, posted

    Awesome video, your voice is so sexy, and such a pleasure to hear your soft moans. Thank you soo much, and please keep these coming.

    abcd1986, posted

    that was very horny, little doggy kept going. love to see more from this girl and pet.

    browneyedog, posted

    Very nice. Wife will like watching this one. We plan on getting a larger breed dog soon for this type of thing.

    tripsn, posted

    great voice and cute dog! id love to see a longer vid with an orgasm

    xcalibur101, posted

    Hootttt!!! This made sooo horny!!

    lovetoto2, posted

    Very VERY nice...

    Hank269, posted

    Totally make more of these :D Your erotic.

    dodog15124, posted

    VERY HOT loved the moaning <33

    bryant181818, posted

    Hated not being able to see a full body shot to match that sexy voice.I rated you a 5 regardless. Hope for more revealing clips in the future!

    Delxam, posted

    sweet. . .love to see more of this young hottie :)

    shitbag1978, posted

    Love the moaning. Very sexy

    Rebbeh, posted
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