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    Dog Fucks Young Girl Hard


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    Cute college girl experiments with doggie sex for the first time and gets pounded by a black and white pitbull in her bedroom. He holds her tight as he thrusts deep into her tiny pussy.

    Uploaded by Fenderguy17 · Rating: 4.0 (337 votes) · 36617 views


    This would be ok if it had louder audio...how do we know he was even in her??

    jayko, posted

    an up & cumming Star I hope! LOL Would love to see more of them both!

    watchingK9, posted

    nice ved glad to that she likes having her dog fucking her and would like to see two things, one that she get a camera man to film it and two get some sound

    csmcdragon1, posted

    he wasnt really deep inside her i would rather see him pound her out like no tomorrow

    khoffmann8191, posted

    Yes she is.. 18 ish i dont know. but that she is at parents house for sure, but hey better than fucking with a hairbrush, loll

    Bluham, posted

    she dont make noise cause shes in her parents house! shes prolly 18ish ;) and at home and dont want um to hear. i have doubts if it penetrated more than a few slip ins?

    beastsexbill, posted

    louisiana hit me up

    opencity123, posted

    Im really turned on and def want to try getting fucked by a dog if anyone in long island ny can help me with that email me gangstagrl247@gmail.com

    gangstagrl247, posted

    Where did u find this at?? If u tell me ill post vids of a friend of minds fucking here dog.

    relly20012001, posted

    There is sound, she just doesn't make any. If you turn it up loud enough you can hear the dog panting.

    duke_the, posted

    no volume, wtf - waste of a free movie

    69superbadxxx, posted

    Yes this is perfect and I'd love to meet you judasfanny.

    1billy4unow, posted

    A purrrrrrrrrrfect 10!!!!!!!!!!!

    dirk20200, posted

    thats coucld be me,i do this every weekend

    judasfanny, posted

    mm this made me so wet

    emmanem616, posted

    HELL YA,,,,8 out of 10

    want2explore, posted

    More please

    matte88, posted

    seems there was no penetration

    k911, posted

    damn how old is the chick?

    jbat37, posted

    that dog is a champ and shes gorgeous love to be in the room for that one!!!

    shcarr, posted

    love it

    judasfanny, posted

    Hot Hot Hot what a pounding mmm she an he know what it is to get it on wow : )

    ramrodo69, posted

    this is amazing... where did you find it??

    khalrhaego, posted

    pretty good but it just needs a little more for me maybe a longer vid and a cumshot along with her sucking and swollowing :) overall though for this vid in itself its pretty good and better than most i see so 8/10

    shadowmarka, posted

    The dog was giving her some looonnnngggg sweet loving!

    rodeotexas, posted

    hottest video I've ever seen

    beardiac, posted

    Mmmm that was friggin' hot!!!! Lucky girl, dog knows what he wants and needs and she is all too happy to give it to him...

    missi35, posted

    mmmmm loved it,, wanna chat,, dapiggy54 YH

    dapiggy, posted

    Damn made me nut twice

    horse_dicc74, posted

    HOT HOT any others of these two ?

    backroombutton, posted

    I loved the action but uh... something was missing.

    ZenfoldT, posted

    that pit really knows how to fuck her hard and good. love the vid

    animallv, posted

    omg!!!!! i'm still rubbing my pussy raw..........HOT

    jjka, posted

    Overall, I disagree with the other poster. This is a good video. there is sound, it's just at a lower volume than most of the other videos. She doesn't make much noise, but there is no stupid soundtrack either, and no noisy cameraman directing her. I say this is not her first time, both the dog and her seem to know what to do. It would be nice to have a close up, but I'll trade that for some jerk screaming "take it" or a cheezy soundtrack. I would love to see more of her. Overall, a simple lovemaking session for the two of them that we get a chance to see.

    noeelforme, posted

    A very nice video of this girl being fucked in her own room. The video Quality is good but there is no sound. Would be a much better video if there was sound letting us hear her getting fucked and her moaning. They both seem to enjoy each others company very much and would be good to get more videos from this girl. Also it would be much better if we could actually see the action. For this video all u can see is the dog humping we don't know for sure if she is actually getting fucked so van be considered a bad video

    vansboy, posted
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