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    German Woman Getting Fucked By Dog


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    hot stuff + double blowjob

    Uploaded by KoshuHa · Rating: 4.0 (254 votes) · 57203 views


    would love to suck that dog cock with those two!!!

    bigman6363, posted

    This is almost the perfect dog fuck and suck movie. I love watching the dog fuck her, I love watching the cum shoot out of her cunt. And I love watching her suck the dog and the guy at the same time. Please please please post more.

    pullatrain, posted

    OMG What a WOMAN

    houndog69, posted

    I can't stop cumming to this movie, especially when she squirts. The guy is sooooo lucky to be able to lick doggy cock with such a lovely lady

    simonslut, posted

    awesome till that ugly old guy jumps in hes just so... ugh!(shudders)

    andredude101, posted

    Why do we as women want this so bad??? Is it because it has nothing to do with love or desire but the most brutal of instincts...breeding, to fuck, fill and fertilize? No heart, not passion, just the need to cum deep in my body, to send seed to my hungry waiting womb... She is like me, and I want to be in her place right now, dripping, toying as I watch this over and over....OMFG, so hot!!! So want to be in her place taking that beautiful cock into my wet sex, to feel it pounding into me, and shooting that seed into my womb......I am a dog slut and I don't care! When that load is pumped into me, it is all that I want.

    gwenwalker69, posted

    mm this made me so wet

    emmanem616, posted

    that is soo hot !!

    doggyum, posted

    OMG, I want that to be my marriage!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    Very well...

    Edalmo, posted

    Omg love it i want to.try it

    Nursetits, posted

    got my pussy drippng wet

    honeybunstori, posted

    love thast pussy ring.. hot fucking.. wish I was there

    FunBrenda, posted

    Hi.mail me when you like it so much as i do;) jan1987.jps@googlemail.com

    Racknarock, posted


    sooohorny323, posted

    Nice K9 fucking with sexy doggy bitch taking it on all fours. Good view of penatration doggy cum and doggy licking Rarely U see male partner join in for oral tag team on dog. They shared the dog cock and passed it back and forth. Well done and to end it she pulls out mans good size cock rubs it on the dog cock while she licks both dog and man cock. NICE very NICE

    DaddyDelight77, posted

    very good

    xnovip, posted

    Awsome movie,doggy takes care of the lovely ladies pussy filling her then the couple both enjoy him,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    louisiana hit me up

    opencity123, posted

    I do like the woman

    111sam, posted

    okay until the creepy old guy jumped in...

    rodeotexas, posted

    the body on that bitch was bangin' and the money in that fuckers bank must have been swollen if only the pooch had any clue.

    browneyedog, posted

    This woman is fantastic

    zizou9191, posted

    wunderbar von soeinem nöcht ich auch mal gefickt werden

    petfrau, posted

    anyone like this much as i do text me 3187892312

    yololoollo, posted

    the old guy is a dirty pervert....

    judasfanny, posted

    Sweet! Looked like a good time!

    harleypoor, posted


    mirojo, posted

    The camera quality isn't good, but that dog with his balls slapping against her fine pussy is just such a turn on! Her body is nice too, its not fat or ugly, really tight ass and nice vagina. And such a twist with the older dude at 1:20 sucking that dog's cock, can't believe he found a younger woman like her to take that dog and all his girth. For a free movie, this thing is really hot! One of the better ones, thats for sure. Only thing missing is a squirt. Wait, back at 0:15, there you go! where is the knot :) Great movie.

    draiza, posted
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