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    Brush Bate, And Lick.


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    This dog obviously loves this pussy, he wont stay away

    Uploaded by sherrod17 · Rating: 4.2 (257 votes) · 59183 views


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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    Amazing...very hot..my cunt is dripping wet.....

    8n8n8kitty, posted

    very hot

    xts3000, posted

    omg marry me

    yousai, posted

    im 23 male from Berlin looking for young female and animel too fuck

    Geni456, posted

    Pretty pussy. I want to lick it and suck it. Got another purpose for the dog. He can mount me and slam the knot deep in my ass. I'm hornet in Missouri wanting some sex like this. Someone help me out. Please...

    tinypecker, posted

    Damn nice! Love the squirting!

    junglejohn, posted

    very hot

    Suzano, posted

    i wish i could marry this girl she is perfect

    austinbotts, posted

    hot bod and squirting pussy!!!!

    jayko, posted


    kingchaotic, posted

    one of my fav vids , she has many clips on here and gushes every time , wish it was in my open , hungry mouth .

    ballsblue, posted

    this gave me a nice hardon !

    artcore, posted

    Thank you" Wish it went longer

    Kerry69, posted

    I love her sweet young pissing cunt!!!!!

    jayko, posted

    I'm so wet after watching this mmmmm

    kelll23, posted


    xwildcatx, posted

    this is frist time i saw this in my lofe

    deepa1234, posted

    oh how sweet it was young little cunt squirting wish I was the dog lucky dog ;)

    bigwheels62, posted

    Calgary, Canada, anyone? I'm horny for a cock, any cock, to fill my wet, wanting pussy. I have a camcorder, let's make a video!

    tamlou, posted

    Wow is that ever beautiful! She has the most gorgeous pussy nice full labia and a huge clit! I'll bet she totally enjoys that big tongue on her huge clit. I love it and would love to suck that pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    wow this made me really hard seeing her squirt and the dog licking it up wish i was the dog

    ankal, posted

    one of the best videos i've seen. i wish i was her dog

    thecritic, posted

    Get ride of the fucking toy and let the dog fuck your cunt you'll love it!

    dreamwalker55, posted

    mmm delicious love it good squirter :-) i love going down on a woman making her squirt mmmm

    gemini69er, posted

    I love it when girls squirt <3

    young_one_65, posted

    Mmmmm, such a lucky dog to get a good tasty drink

    ninathemew, posted

    I love her squirts!! just wish it had sound!!!!

    pacman6969, posted

    gville nc here

    jojacknc, posted

    my favourite squirting and dogs. i would marry her!

    dogfan31, posted

    Nice video. A distance shot showing the womans face would have been nice. I'll bet she was smiling. Dog was definitely into it. Pee squirt was good added touch.

    red-rider, posted

    Im a male and bisexual, Il tell age through message, and right now im realy horny. Im willing to trade pics and chat so if you're a guy or girl and want some fun feel free to message me, but man am i horny <3

    young_one_65, posted

    Nice squirt!!

    mike99_5, posted

    I for one love squirters, this lovely girl gets a little help from fido and fires a few out all over the rug. Beautiful! He lovingly licks up her sweet spray straight out of the hole and off of the rug. Highly reccomended, would love to have been there to continue pleasing this fine lady after she was ready. . 100 words is just stupid, most of these videos are less than a minute long, this isnt english class. Trying to submt a decent review for a good movie but this shit is quite annoying, I can understand not allowing "Its Hot" but come on.

    stuffs69, posted
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