• women and dog

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    yep best way to enjoy the knot more.. keep that ass bouncing..i do this too..

    slipandslide, posted

    San Diego male looking for fun new friends!

    sdheavypapac, posted

    I really wish that was me!

    jjt1966, posted

    i would love to feed her my cock while shes taking the dog hmm mmhh

    sn00ze, posted

    No audio, therefore it is subpar.

    jayko, posted

    no sound

    rick06831, posted

    had me wanting to hear her squeel !!

    letmeupu, posted

    if you want to fuck my dogs and pay or you wannna be a porn star...contact me now temmyvicent@yahoo.com adult only please

    mamaooo, posted

    yuuujmmmm!!!! I want to be a doggy bitch!!!

    sassycat, posted

    if you wanna become a porn star or you wanna get paid in what you are doing for fun please send you email to temmyvincent@yahoo.com or text (707) 881-6482......

    mamaooo, posted

    I agree with 1robert. Loved watching those nice titties bounce around.

    marelover2000, posted

    message me if you are a women who would like to trade pics or vids

    jhoff187, posted

    If this had volume it might be decent....as it is, it sucks.

    jayko, posted

    would love to watch something like this in person

    biggdaddy2009, posted

    think poor dog looked like he was on the clock and couldnt wait until quitting time

    whsepop, posted

    i loved the way her titties were swaying while dhe humped him.

    1robert, posted

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