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    LOVED IT! Very tasty looking pussy I would love to snack on or just be there watching her doggy lapping at it. Maybe she could play with my pussy that is sopping wet now while her dog did her. Gonna have a nice cum watching again.

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    I'd love to lick her;)

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    pretty cool ;-)

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    When I was younger my dog use to knock me down and lick my virgin Pusey through my panties .....it felt so good!!!

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    Male seeking woman to have fun with my dog and I. Florida people message me.

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    Male bisexual looking to chat and maybe trade pics ^_^ Feeling very horny will tell age through message, would love it if people messaged me, hope to see you soon ;)

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    seems she enjoyed it well. ;D now if only she would turn over and take the mount will she be in pleasure.

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    hot cunt on her

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    not bad sexy bottom half of the girl and dog seems willing if not a bit confused lol

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    hot girl looking for same

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    Such a shame. Giving her a doggy while doggy licks would be fantastic.

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    good pup

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    Ah I was wondering when someone would post this. This is my friend from WA. She does have a cum fetish, but since she is with a boyfriend right now, no more dog play.

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    Very nice and clear and she has a beautiful pussy!

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    Wow I would love to have that dog lick her pussy juice off my dick as I slide in and out of her and when I cum let him lick out the creamy goodness.

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    Too bad the dog did not want to lick the girl has a lot of desire of her warm tongue on her clit and to hear and even in deeply I was a kid when I saw a picture of a dog licking a pussy so I tried it and it was unforgettable I've always done this game when I was with my husband I did lick the dog and he looked at it, got excited, and then it became so hard to die this little film makes me remember when I made the game for the first time was too exciting, I was all sweaty and excited he approached the wet nose then he put his tongue on my pussy hot and made me cum like crazy ..... I watch a lot of movies and now I no longer have the dog, unfortunately hello hello a kiss

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