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    Horse Demon Hentai 2


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    again, sorry its blurred

    Uploaded by vincemoon · Rating: 3.9 (255 votes) · 72099 views


    very nice vid.

    Xxduel44xX, posted

    i add to my favorites i love it mmm get me all excited and wet

    Doommuffin, posted

    i have watched several times...great video.

    badmojo42, posted

    It is very very good horse sex video.

    samsonsam123, posted

    You would swear, if didn't see the pictures, that it was a little 4 o child, that was being raped. Why do Japanese like these children's voices so much? Is it hornier than a grown woman's voice? Not to me. Give me a grown woman's voice anytime. What more I don't like? Bondage! S/M. Sex being forced upon another person. Even if the other person likes it in the end. It was forced in the beginning. And that is NEVER... NEVER, NEVER, NEVER a good thing. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    I really hate blurred out porn whats the point

    xbgold, posted

    nice horse. great ending

    hardflare, posted

    This is also a manga called "Inyouchuu" that can be found on animephile.com Hope you all enjoy. :3

    StrayDogsPlease, posted

    is a very very hot video, enjoying the video was like in the scenes lake the demon it self in place.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Now thats a cumshot :P

    purplep9, posted

    this was hot loved I wish I was the unicorn stallion fucking her lol.

    Jimhorse50, posted

    Uncencor it! Thumbs up so everyon... oops wrong website. :D

    Chrisyboi, posted

    So THAT'S why girls like unicorns!

    massgamer, posted

    why would they censor this???????????????

    papi_papi, posted

    It was funny. That he was more gentle. Knowing she liked it but the censers are gat they did a good job on the girl tho! A-

    cdoleshek, posted

    Uhm.... I don't know what to say. That was pretty cool vid though. If anyone knows which hentai it is PLEASE send me a link to the whole movie or just give me the name please and i will greatly appreciate it.

    Emos86, posted

    wft is up with the cencor!! other tht than pretty good

    1blah, posted

    Lol kinda funny how he was more gentle once he found out she liked it XD

    Beetoch92, posted

    this was great ;D this made me quite wet

    sexlover21, posted

    Pretty good i guess

    demongaara105, posted

    What a great pity this was spoiled by censorship which ruins the whole thing.

    Heathcliffe, posted

    Damn ! i would so love to be on that girl's place, getting all that cum in me yum !!!

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    name of anime is Inyouchuu

    ginroux, posted

    this made me so hard!

    Damo1794, posted

    @bearbird I've seen some of that it's a good Hentai, but I think this is a completely different one, oh and thanks for reminding me what it's called, I knew the title had to do with words and stuff, just couldn't remember the whole name. @vincemoon I think you should put in the little review area thing with that review up there or even an uploader's comment what the title of this hentai is... >XP

    HorsesRWhores, posted

    this is cool but i wish they had english subs

    chihime123, posted

    As I haven't seen it as it is difficult to find in my are, but I remember hearing that there is a scene like this in the series of movies called Wordsworth.

    bearbird, posted


    meik01, posted

    i love anime*-*...

    xxameliaxx, posted

    Hmmm weird made my dick hard... off anime... right

    radone, posted

    i love hentai

    uuuuh, posted

    Mememe, i can. not really. x3

    iliekthissheet, posted

    That horse, seems to cum snowflakes... Not bad.

    Brodec, posted

    If you think this is good, watch the whole episode. It's like 20mins of sex; mostly tentacle, 2 girls get banged by the horse demon guy at the end. Other girl is better than the one in the video. Anime is called "Inyochuu"

    alpinefoxx, posted

    Too good to watch. I need the horse demon like this movie for my cunt

    hjain69, posted


    KNT, posted

    that's the ride of my life I'm looking for :) anyone here built like that lol

    popsadoodle, posted

    anyone know where i can find a horse demon like this? lol

    Trinitysama, posted

    what anime is this??? I must know!

    WaffleNeko, posted

    I liked it, but she just would not shut up and let me hear the sounds. Grr. Other than the talkative slut, it was alright.

    gray264, posted

    i loved it when they started going slower... it was almost romantic..."please fuck me my loving stalion. i accept your meat into my body like the dick slut that i am. oh your so srtong and manly!" omg my crotch is on fire

    chch12, posted

    Manga's are nice

    MissCarole, posted

    what anime is this?

    sdaitewew, posted

    that bitch's pussy got destroyed

    hthpimp, posted

    I keep trying to post videos, but they have a watermark which is for the trial conversion software, nothing against the TOS, yet this shit site thinks it is

    vincemoon, posted


    mennis5, posted

    where can i find a horse like that lol :P

    suraku, posted

    helped me cum >_>

    darkfox2401, posted

    thats really sexy made me yiff n hentai normaly dont do nothin for me =)

    darkfox2401, posted

    Who can fill me up like this? *-*

    Larissa_slave, posted

    Really Good!!!

    kittysquirt42, posted

    I like hentai because it can explore things which aren't possible in real life. This one is good in a way that its something extreme that can't possibly be possible in real life. The censorship takes away some of the enjoyment but overall it was good, I would deffinately want to watch the whole hentai film to see what other situations that the movie has. Hentai is good because you can get tentacles, beasts and other things which don't exist, and they can be used as normal things which you can only get in hentai. They use them in just the right way to make it enjoyable.

    LightInDark12, posted

    Demon rape was exceptional and provide great animation. Only wish it was more clear and in focus showing the in and out action with the large demon going deep inside in and out. I like the part were the girl is playing with herself and enjoy it, should be able to translate into English. This would make the showing ten times better. Good show though everyone should enjoy it. If they could show the other girl being ravage that would have been awesome, and what is the guy doing just watching or frozen with fear. Nice job with the animation and the horse being so large and attacking the girl, good fun. Next time focus and improve on the translation English would be better for everyone.

    Trick1234, posted

    this is a great video and great animation. I just love this type of stuff. It gets me off faster then almost anything! great job dude, great job. It's this type of stuff that may bring more and more people to this sight. this IS great stuff guys, This will get you OFF extremely quick! like I said, great job duuuuuude, great job. This is a great animation im tellin you. I could watch things like this all day, and still just keep goin. the graphics are great, the sound is great, its just 100% good. i wish I could make something as good as this, but thats what guys like he's here for.

    thakid80, posted

    i personally like hentai as it often show's the women in extreme situations which are not possible in real life.This video captures that greatly as the girl's pussy is pretty much destroyed by the horse demon's cock and even though the video was in Japanese and i couldn't understand a single word they daid through out it her voice was still rather appealing to the ear.The pixelation or censorship kind of took away from the video but the amazing cumshot in the end more then made up for it in my case.I hope to see more of this kindof video in the future.

    Jdog255, posted

    good for any one who watches anime and likes hentai has lots of good pats like anime girls with big tits giant horses and large cock in pussy i would reccomend it to any one that likes hentai and likes demons with girls i personaly enjoyed it and i know many people have diffrent opinions of what they like and it 2:00 minutes long so i think you will enjoy watching it the ultimate goal is to show scenes of sexuality with few exceptions good animation Anime scenes place emphasis on achieving three-dimensional views Monster i'v put as much information as i can think of and have came up with this so i hope you enjoy and i would look forwrd to seeing a part two pf this if you agree just put up a post telling who ever placed it up here to add a part 2 so thanks for reading my review i hope you enjoy the video

    mort234, posted
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