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    Decebt Girl Done By Dog


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    a young looking girl tries to get a dog interested in her. then he is and mounts her good. looks like she likes it. he does her once more before she finishes

    Uploaded by bigpimpin · Rating: 3.2 (25 votes) · 5304 views


    Wtf? This woud be ok without the damn rotten music!!!!

    jayko, posted

    get rid of the lame ass music!!!! I have to play it muted!!!

    mzer11, posted

    the vid would have been top notch except FOR THAT GAY ASS MUSIC. only a geek ass nerd white boy would do something so fucking GAY

    lickmyasshole, posted

    agreed, would prefer silence over throwing music over a video

    furr4949, posted

    Lose the annoying music

    medic14, posted
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