• Dog Mounting me.

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    Loved hearing her moan and I bet she loved having her pussy full of his sperm

    mehoff, posted

    terrible camera work spoilt a good clip. Keep the dog fire the camera man

    sogood62, posted

    ok that was a cluster fuck.............lol..... nice cock tho..i've had bigger...

    slipandslide, posted

    I like hearing her moan

    lynn7272, posted

    camera work bloody awful.........

    chaucer, posted

    watching this makes my pussy so horny mmm wish i could try this

    justtigg, posted

    could have been an AWESOME movie, but camera guy fucked up, he needs to learn how to handle a camera

    xdata, posted

    Loved her moaning.

    ImmaSikko, posted


    chromebat, posted

    14 year old bi guy looking to have some fun with another guy or girl

    chromebat, posted

    Ohhhh!! this could have been such a good video but for the camera juggling!!!!! the girl seemed to be enjoying that dog cock to the max and really liked her nice hairy pussy swallowing all of that rather huge dog dink. Truly hope you guys try this again and can hold the camera steady while she fucks the heel out of that dog again

    kaaaty, posted

    Camera man is fired!

    Zumbska, posted

    fantastico... peccato nn ci siano italiani per soddisfarmi

    slave46, posted

    video sucked , but I loved the sound track

    houndog69, posted

    nice video, woulda liked to see the cum cush out tho

    getcrunk15106, posted

    Nice vid

    bianca18, posted

    Very Nice

    bobb77, posted

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    Pretty good movie. Camera angles are a tad off and there is a slightly shaky cam but sound isn't too bad; she moans and the dog pants a lot, you also here the classic squelch of cock on pussy. A large Shep style dog takes his owner from behind. There is a good series of thrusts from both parties as the dog cums and leaks into/out of her pussy. it is mostly filmed from below the woman and a bit between her legs. It ends with a guy fingering her wet, hot swollen slit. It is quite short and no real licking or foreplay concurs. It is not very long but it is not bad for a clip of this length. 5/10 maybe a bit less.

    0incognito, posted
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