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    Dog Licks...Booty Shakes


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    Small dog licks girl while she shakes that ass...

    Uploaded by jedson6 · Rating: 4.1 (253 votes) · 79858 views


    Hmm, I want some of this bitch! I LOVE a woman who's into anything sexual! Love her ASS! Did you see those tits? I'd love to make this ass jiggle, and for good reason!

    harperreese, posted


    tadek1699, posted

    Hey I'm a 20 year old female located by DALLAS. I'm petite and attractive and in shape. Looking for a male dog, this will be my first time with an animal. I'm VERY open minded. Message me if you can help!

    Xprettyy, posted

    Mmm would love a dog to lick my pussy and asshole like that

    666cunt, posted

    Hi, dont suppose you could look at my profile maybe message me, im Male and Bi but will only tell age through message cya' soon :)

    young_one_65, posted

    She needs me to get up in that ass and really make that booty shake Damn I bet that's good pussy!

    kekeko, posted

    well she should be a bitch i,d keep her at my place for him to lick and fuck

    tazz5489, posted

    you should open up your buttcheeks and let the dog go in there...

    dogglikaz, posted

    needs to be licked more and getted fucked to get her pregnant

    tazz5489, posted

    Teenage Male loves to cum on cam for women, If you want to watch add lovestounload@hotmail.com

    TouchAndBust, posted

    any girls wanna tlk just email me at ray8110@gmail.com 20/male/florida

    ray8110, posted

    i like this movie so much that i would not mind being dogged my self. i am so sex starved that i would just love that dog to do me in

    onosey, posted

    The Booty was perfect. The dog was great on the snatch, I would have loved going down on the top hole.

    bottccia, posted

    Hello my dear my name is mirian i am a romantic young girl i saw your profile today and i like it i will like you to contact me through this my private email adrss (miriian4lov@yahoo.co.uk) so that i will send you some of my pictures and tell you more about me hopping to hear from you soon. mirian miriian4lov@yahoo.co.uk

    mirianbaby2012, posted

    Thats.. probably the quickest I've ever came. :| *Girl.*

    SnuggleWuggle, posted

    That's my sister wtf

    killawaun22, posted

    nice ass

    krd031, posted

    this is a excellent movie. she needs a big knot. hot video. Congratulations.

    razorone, posted

    goeie kuttelikker en mooi kontje mmm

    kangeroe, posted

    wow she got a pretty ass booty

    kingkong22, posted

    she is actually talking on the phone with her boyfriend having phone sex- he make a comment saying your going to cum....she says yeah i'm fuckn, then after she cums she turns and says huh snuggles meaning her pup. then she says something to the boyfriend.... (put on a pair of headphones)

    speed3, posted

    OH NO, Mt. St Helens is about to erup again.


    love that ass

    kendall10, posted

    She might need a horse.lol

    shellymcnally, posted

    I see, she may have farted near the end.


    THAT BABE NEEDS A BIGGER DOG! I think she may have scared it with that BIG ass!


    no that lil dog jus hit the spot... made her cum by jus basically tickleing her pussy and clit...so sexy.....

    sexygirl209, posted

    LOL! I was think the same thing! Cute dog and a great ass all in one clip!! I'm loving it!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    This is a great movie. I need to find her and make hr my wife. LOL

    Tteddyy, posted

    Is that a black woman must be with the ass so big

    dragonlad27, posted

    Sweet Booty the dog broke her down

    shaygirl, posted

    @ Spacpres the fuck is wrong with you?

    dogcock15, posted

    god i would love to see that dog as a pup and see him crawl out of her pussy.

    Spacpres, posted

    i loev to see dog licking and fucking gril i think this little dog hit the spot.

    sexred, posted

    she's in heat

    knotsqueezr, posted

    Damn that dog must have been hittin the spot, she just needed a big cock to balance that shake...

    junette, posted


    okyanus, posted

    she needs a big dog or horse to satisfy her,she would really go off.

    painboi, posted

    God, what a great ass!!!

    Horseloveman, posted

    how can you tell that she wants something really big?

    rickademus, posted

    Movie was awesome good lick, girl looks like she loved it.. Dog looked like he/ she loved the taste of the owner, wish she would of fucked the dog though man that would of been hot. Would recommend this video to anyone, into beast or not it was fucking hot as hell! Anyone who wants to cum or just enjoy a nice watch will not be disappointed. her booty shaking was so nice loved her huge ass. If she had a bigger dog I'm sure she would came 100 times, over and over. A view of her tits would of been awesome.

    AlenRusso1976, posted

    I like this video! the shaking seems orgasmic, and it adds to the excitement of the video! Very very worth watching! Keep it up i wanna see more! Ive always been into dogs eating females out, hell i let my dog do it all the time! so i know how it feels, videos like these deserve to be paid for, or so i think!! videos like these also make me want to go grab my dog and hide behind locked doors (; Very arousing video! this site is awesome :D:D definitely worth a watch, very good. rated 100 definitely! Ima save this video to my favorites :D

    dogeatpussywell, posted

    oh yes. this is a beautiful video. the picture quality is very good. this is a girl that really enjoys whats going on. the little white dog gets right in. it doesnt feel staged she is really loving his attention. you can tell by the way she wriggles when he gets in on her sweet spot that this is what she likes.she has the most gorgeous ass and she wriggles it when he is tasting her. you can hear every little moan and whimper of pleasure. even when he takes a breath. she is still trying to tempt him back in where she needs him

    Morpheus101, posted
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