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    Dog Cums Inside


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    girl takes a nice creampie from healthy dog

    Uploaded by hemen · Rating: 4.6 (292 votes) · 41817 views


    Oh God that looks so fucking yummy baby <3

    xxxPandasxxx, posted

    that was fucking awesome

    fifson, posted

    definitely an academy award performance - yummy to0

    jrpa, posted

    THis 49 sec video is better than A lot of 2 min Plus videos

    pangmvp, posted

    I will take that long cock anytime.. oh yeah

    FunBrenda, posted

    in PA looking for fun down for anything message me!

    followdreams, posted

    Great movie in every way! Sounded like the woman really loved it. My hat's off and kisses to her. Thanks for making my night.

    1robert, posted

    great video, wish i was her!

    readyrenata, posted

    Nothing turns me on more than seeing all of that dog cum gush out of her pussy. If any girls near in the Austin, TX area want this, I have two dogs I want to train.

    BeastlySebby, posted

    Oh god, I want that so bad! So fucking hot!!

    Kinkychick313, posted

    This vid is super hot! I wish they would have shown the girls face. She had a fantastic ass and such a great pussy.

    beastman8484, posted


    wirsuchen, posted

    sehr schön -such auch so einen aktiven rüden

    petfrau, posted


    Draki, posted

    Gotta admit.. that dog spoos ALOT. Very nice vid. I give two thumbs up. Beautiful dog and sexy girl. Hope you all make many more and have lots of fun.

    zionwolfspau, posted

    Easily the best one i have seen so far.

    Azorele, posted

    wish i was that dog, i'd stay in til my balls were empty, licked her clean & started all over again

    AnimalLover2030, posted

    great video, love it

    getcrunk15106, posted

    so hot i loveit!!!

    jesusiscoming, posted

    Such a great video! Nothing turns me on more than seeing all that cum gush out of her hot pussy.

    LesbianRiley, posted

    Yep, its a nice one...

    jayko, posted

    wow.. I would love to bred like that .. :) long hard deep and juicy..

    FunBrenda, posted

    Doggystyle, not forced, knot, creampie. Great vid!

    ffsdude, posted

    Nice vie but a repost

    myfun2012, posted

    Glad you guys liked it

    hemen, posted


    Nursetits, posted

    awesome vid! male seeking female to have fun with my dog.. message me for details

    bianca18, posted

    drats on it being short but a great video

    Plasmacutter, posted

    Sex any1 ny

    Shadow4ev3r, posted

    wow what a beautiful dog and the cumming is just perfect. I wish I had a nice doggy to fill my tight wet cunt with cum like that!

    CassieBear2007, posted

    nice video. I hope to be bred like that one day

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Great video,thanks for posting it.

    k9frank28462, posted

    There's not much to say the video is less than a minute long, but wow it's a great 49 seconds. I have to say I came watching this video, I think the sound can get me alone. It has great lighting and visuals, something you don't always get to see here often.A black Male Dog mounts a cute girl with a nice butt, clearly the dog is already deep inside her wet pussy, so there's no waiting, the good part starts off automatically. I really have to see what this girls pussy is like because this dog seems to be enjoying halfway through he starts cumming right inside her with a nice load ...and HE KEEPS GOING, I wish i could have heard her moan., I have to say i enjoy watching the cum drip out as he keeps going. If your going to watch this video make sure to turn the sound up ,the gushing noise of the dog going back and forth inside her is the one of the highlights of this video. I'd like to see more of this video or at least the chicks face.

    cerv0ntes, posted
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