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    Hot Knott

    Uploaded by rysiu77 · Rating: 2.9 (212 votes) · 41189 views


    what a waste of time....................................

    slipandslide, posted

    camera work is shite.

    Anonymous82, posted

    MMMMMMM lovely lady being fucked by two labs and getting their hot sperm deep in her womb very hot vid ;P

    mehoff, posted

    Video had a lot of potential. They needed a stable camera mount. Lady should have gotten rid of those boots and got her ass up so the dogs could address it properly.

    red-rider, posted

    poor video shoot

    qhuma4321, posted

    im 18 years old im a guy i love being fucked by dogs and horses text in 201-590-5911 anyone in usa new jersey please call or text me ill go over

    horselover300, posted

    would any1 like to c2c on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    izaakk74, posted

    Your camera man sux balls at his job. Would have been alot better if he/she could keep the blasted camera still. Dude/Girl needs more practice with filming motion. And yes I do have a camera so can say these things and do know how to use mine and film motion without the blur or shakiness.

    zionwolfspau, posted

    She looks and sounds great. The dog sounds like he is about to die. And someone should kick the camera mans ass!

    junglejohn, posted

    hi to 1 and all my name is michael and if i could find some1 with male or female horses or large male dogs id love to get together with you age and looks dont matter id love to have you fuck my tight virgin ass while i stroke and suck or eat your pets cock or pussy id love to have you make a pussy juice cocktail for me to drink it should have fem piss both human and animal cum pussy cum even tiny bit male pee too i love it all i have no limits ill do any and every thing please please please some 1 help me im desperate to be used by you im michaellj1972@yahoo.com i love BBW's

    michaellj1972, posted

    I know her, her name is angie they used to do shows on motherless

    lilmissmeggy, posted

    the bitch looked pretty hot, nice ass, nice pussy, nice tits,, but he camera man is a fuckin moron!

    peglegjhnny, posted

    Can't see anything because the guy's too stupid to hold still a camera...shame

    darkfantasies, posted

    Very hot, I need to marry a girl like this;)

    Bigjohn232323, posted

    Anyone else get motion sick watching this? Totally ruins the mood!

    wolffucker69, posted

    tour supposed to hold the cam in the other hand dipstick not the one you jerkin off with.

    will96, posted

    what the hell is the camera man a dipshit?

    hollywood007, posted

    looking to chat im near salem or. message me

    mmffnnff, posted

    Who gave the camera to the guy with Cerebral Palsy...

    omfg9999, posted

    poor camera work

    jackgoff, posted

    camera guy skills isn't worth a shit

    wskytngofxtrt, posted

    SHOOT the camera man

    sogood62, posted
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