• This is the end of our mateing. He pulls his knot out and it sprays doggy cum all over.

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    pity cam was all over

    k9forfunguy, posted

    Yeah shame we never saw anything. Nice camera work. Really.

    mattboy115, posted

    Awesome knot and cum Good boy! she will definetly is impregnated with his pups now;)

    mehoff, posted

    Any women near Louisiana E. TX who want to feel a hard knot message me on here. I have a handsome yellow lab that will breed you over and over.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Awh, look at that cum dripping. I would hate to waste that. ;C I'd suck him clean and fuck him again, everyday.~ I want him knotting my pussy and pouring his hot, sweet cum in my womb. ;3

    InuKimiko01, posted

    Looking for women that enjoy a nice hard knot in their cunt in E. TX S. AR, LA, MS areas. Contact me. Yellow Lab for stud service. Clean discreet and more fun than you can imagine.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    16 yr old, atractive, straight male. kik:codyw239. (strictly straight, men get blocked)

    beastman239, posted

    terrible camera work. can't see a d?@# thing!

    scooter206, posted

    wow great pull out look it all cum gushed out of her pussy, this dog probably fucks her everyday. its beautiful they both know what they enjoy and want.

    trancebaker, posted

    Fucking video recording suck just give up or find somebody to tape for u shit

    travismark, posted

    Seems like you're trying to record all of these yourself hun! :( Let me come over and record for you. ;D

    LesbianRiley, posted

    Need to learn how to video.

    sultryass, posted

    male seeking female to have fun with my pitbull... message me for details

    bianca18, posted

    wow! mmm..i want more to se off this!! love it! i hope you have a longer video!!

    costavo, posted

    very poor video can only here the tv...wtf

    jiffy69, posted

    I want to suck that cock straight out of her pussy so bad.

    abcd1986, posted

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