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    Woman And Horse 11


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    Woman And Horse 11

    Uploaded by sweden72 · Rating: 3.8 (226 votes) · 38857 views


    hello im michaellj1972@yahoo id love to find a BBW that was into animal sex of any kind i would do any and every thing she wanted needed or desired for the pleasure of even just watching her play i have no limits age looks and relationship status dont matter to me i just need it desperatly please please please

    michaellj1972, posted

    I liked the first woman, as the second you could tell they were hurting the horse, and that's abuse. You forget what a womanly female looks like so it's nice to see pubic hair on a woman these days, such a turn on.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    dairy farmers kid once I get freaky dinger1980@gmail

    dinger1980, posted

    all their effort and risk when all she had to do is to seek out really big men.. there are such dudes

    horseryder, posted

    Looking for anyone around PA to let their dog fuck me! Looking for my first time, i let my dog lick me and i love it! im 25 so dont worry im not underage! Send me a message!

    psychgirl13, posted

    Women near Louisiana who are seriously interested in K9 sex message me. My lab retriever is very experienced and well hug. Serious Women only.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Would love to suck that cock afterwards.

    LWJII, posted

    Lucky girl!

    conniechung, posted

    I love that horny juicy twat filled with horsecum.....any girl in Holland who likes to share things with me ????

    phillip477, posted

    MMMMMM love a woman that can take a horse cock in her vagina ;p

    mehoff, posted

    Very nice!

    abdo5180, posted

    hello my name is mike and im hoping that i can find someone that has pets that they would let me play with if you do i would do absolutely anything you wanted for real i dont care about your age looks or gender i just need this desperatly

    michaellj1972, posted

    So fucking HOT! I would love to lick her pussy after it was filled with that horse's cum!! Then have that stallion fuck my tight wet pussy! Anyone in North Carolina have a horse that would fuck me? Msg me!!!

    lynn7272, posted

    Very nice! Makes my mouth water up to suck it! Yummy! Lovely horse cock fucking her cunt! Beautiful!

    DogHorseSukr, posted

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    ciombe, posted

    would any1 like to cam with me on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    glowstick25, posted

    I bet she enjoyed having her pussy deeply penetrated by that horse cock.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    Love watching her cunt get filled with horse cum. Any women near N. Louisiana who want to feel hard k9 dick and cum in their pussy/ass/mouth contact me here. I have a very well trained and hung handsome yellow lab that will breed you!

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    i love her hairy pussy ,,id like to see some like there one whee the man getting fucked in ass and horse slams his cock up him,,, like see that in a woman one

    lilcock1, posted

    Any ladies wanna text me at (812) 545-3543 (No Calls)

    larrys-pc, posted

    That's a lot of cock she is taking!!!!!

    whatifwe69, posted

    OMG, to feel a horse cock explode its seed inside of me, OMG!!!!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    id love to feel a horses cock slide in my tight virgin ass after you use it over and over and have dogs use it tell it has been streached enough to take it with out ripping my ass any 1 want to help age looks dont matter

    michaellj1972, posted

    I don't know what video you were watching Vickie, She had close to 2 feet in her several times. She's my kind of woman love the way she takes a cock

    houndog69, posted

    he did not go in very deep. i think she should have taken more then she did. I know i would have.

    vickie, posted

    I wanna be that lucky cunt

    phillyfarmgurl, posted

    Take that big back cock

    redrover69, posted

    Damn nice video! She takes quite a bit inside her too! Very good.

    junglejohn, posted

    mmm I would love to have that cock buried deep in me.

    laceadams, posted

    I would so love to lick that horse cock clean and her pussy after that! It makes me so wet!

    359pete, posted

    Pretty big piece of meat there. I would sure like to give it a try. Pinch my nipples and fill me full. You want a freak. Message me. Here in Missouri horny as hell.

    tinypecker, posted

    looks like she is enjoying it

    mustrd4free, posted

    Sweet! looked like a goood time!

    harleypoor, posted

    Fuck I wish that was my pussy looks like it feels so fucking good to be fucked liked that!

    FurBella, posted

    wow that was great

    sogood62, posted

    love the vid

    bestialitylove1, posted
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