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    Woman Alone With Her Dog


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    Beautiful woman having fun.

    Uploaded by No1knew · Rating: 3.1 (255 votes) · 84173 views


    If only shed gotten sum a that much needed thick dog cock! She's hot and the dog looks like he could also use sum a that NIIICE pussy wrapped around his cock and knot, deep. Id like to help!!!

    sheluvsthknot, posted

    She is what I'm looking for!

    billyboy48, posted

    camra and music suck , wish the girl did

    houndog69, posted

    like this

    madcyril, posted

    Tyhis could be decent with the original soundtrack....why do you assholes overdub this stuff?

    jayko, posted

    To all gaybeast and petsex member that participate in our last porn movie in Oklahoma and California the movie is out but not yet on sell world wide,and more shooting is going on you can still make your entry payment before the end of this month still $200 and we don't take check anymore only bank payment, moneygramm and western union..happy fun!! And if you still wanna fuck my dogs the price still the same you can message me back here now if you are new,but old crew can call my number or come down to office

    mamaooo, posted

    I would love to eat her and train her dog to mount better. He just need my ass and he would learn fast. I'm into cock not message sex. If you are for real and want to fuck my wet ass message me.

    tinypecker, posted

    Great video, well thought out. It looked like the dog was really into licking you especially when it drop to it's belly. I hope too see more. Thank you.

    bluedestiny, posted

    Who wants to fuck my ass and watch while I eat your wifes pussy out after she's filed with cum. You can film it if you want. Love to be knotted by big dogs. I'm in Missouri hoping to hear from someone.

    tinypecker, posted

    Hot looking girl...need to see more of her!!

    billyboy48, posted

    Looking for a granny with a harry pussy like that for myself. If she want's the dog there too then bring it along. I know we can get it involved with something. I'm looking for someone that's over the age 40. If your 70 and still feel that urge to have sex with a younger man (28 years old) then see if you live close to me and we will go at it and you will have the time of your life. Contact info in my profile.

    waybous, posted

    Anyone want to party message me. I'm game for all look up my profile.

    tinypecker, posted

    this is knotty, famous dog pornstar...it's an old preview trailer for her movies -_- Stupid uploader

    brtmn, posted

    www.perversionphonesex.com No Taboo, No Limits Phone sex 15 Mins for $10.00 You can also find me on yahoo as Kinkykendra69@yahoo.com

    Krissy47, posted

    wheres the action?

    abcyee, posted

    If I wanted to listen to music id put a CD on. When will people learn to stop overlaying music on pornos !

    tunnaman, posted

    made me horny someone message me from PA!!

    followdreams, posted

    The film is a good teaser an tends to "fizz" out every so often, it's good, but far from being great. I shows little to no knotting, but if you're into licking you'll definately enjoy this little video an it's teases. As for the woman she does a good job at trying to coaxthe dog, an enjoying herself just as much and as far as looks, she is nothing short of beautiful, at least, in one sense. In al, a good movie, but not worth the 4.0 ratting or so it's gotten i think, so it's worth watching, that's all i'd say.

    Tentoten, posted
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