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    Amateur With Dog


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    blond amateur kiss her dog

    Uploaded by cyberdoggy · Rating: 3.2 (138 votes) · 58888 views


    this made me so wet

    emmanem616, posted

    fuckin love that

    fritzfratz20, posted

    To bad she did not want to be fucked

    MSBETH088, posted

    I love kissing a dog, having the dog tongue in my mouth, and sucking their cock is great.

    tgirlwhore, posted

    ^_^ fun and sexC ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    i want contact whit a girl.i have found out that i can not live whitout a girl who are into animalsex.want to chat whit you and also meet you if posible.my name is roy age 38 live in norway but i can travel any place if it is about animalsex.have never tried before but i am going to try sucking horse and dog.want to be fucked by a big dog when a girl sucking my cock.pleas answer me mail joseroy@live.no

    animalg, posted

    good kissing ..the girl loves her dog

    masternslave, posted

    very sweet

    anubas69, posted

    I could kiss both... :3

    Raposa, posted

    SUPERB clip - REALLY hot!! Lucky girl/Nanook!! Would love to kiss them both!! ;op

    Prince777, posted

    Would have loved to see her pleasuring the him. But nice

    mehoff, posted

    hot kissing, but the kid should shut the f**k up

    onkeltuca, posted

    This video is of a really hot blonde girl and her dog. She seems to love kissing that dog. It gets really passionate and seems to really enjoy the taste of the dog's tongue lapping at hers. It appears she won't have sex with it because she is fully clothes, but sometimes the best kind of videos is of a girl just really kissing a dog, as she would a human. Especially when the girl is hot and is twisting all over the ground just trying to get that dog's mouth on to hers. She looks like she really wants it bad and won't take no for an answer. It was a very hot video and i would recommend it to anyone

    newtoy, posted
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