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    Amateur Woman Fucking Dog


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    that's a friend of mine i have taped.

    Uploaded by ghostface93 · Rating: 4.0 (266 votes) · 59183 views



    lickmyasshole, posted

    He gave this fat bitch a good dicking

    jayskywalker, posted

    I like this fat bitch....made me cum

    jayskywalker, posted


    xwildcatx, posted

    Dogs don't care.....

    phillip477, posted

    MOAR! I need more! That is hot!

    hrnymi, posted

    wish me and the dog could take turns pumping her pussy full of cum.

    ewilson, posted

    Wunderschöne Missionary-Ficks mit dem geilen schwarzen Hund. Die Frau hat sicherlich schöne Erlebnisse gehabt. Ich persönlich sehe Missionary-Ficks am liebsten. sie sind irgendwie schöner als immer dieses Doggi-Style.

    360Grad, posted

    fantstak plz send me movie for your wife

    sexyman_1960, posted

    hello im michaellj1972@yahoo id love to find a BBW that was into animal sex of any kind i would do any and every thing she wanted needed or desired for the pleasure of even just watching her play i have no limits age looks and relationship status dont matter to me i just need it desperatly please please please

    michaellj1972, posted

    oh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    lillyfrench, posted

    There is one big problem and shit. The 3 films are my own material. I am this girl who is in the film. The user Ghost face upload it here and not ask if I agree. THis is a big false and I am not want problem. I want to make a friendship but not pwant problems. Must very trust when I can bee honey. The administrators are quied and silence when i ask how the Ghostface can delete it or if they can delete it. Any answer only that i send links. BUt 6 days not have answer. Can ou help me or give some advice? if you want talk with me I have lot of experience or want to help me with this problem contact me. Thank you for undestanding.

    k9doggirl, posted

    Sweet! Momma and her pup put on a great show!

    harleypoor, posted

    I'M NEW TO THIS AND HAVE NEVER DONE A BITCH AND I'M SO DOWN TO TRY IT! Message me please! I'm in Atlanta, I'm a guy, 19 years old, and I love company!

    iloveoreos17, posted

    Skype or Yahoo messenger me at - - anaughtyguy22

    anaughtyguy22, posted

    I want to try

    shagdog101, posted

    Females getting fucked by dogs best porn ever

    bubblebutts, posted

    thats hot :$ GOOD BOY!

    gayboy88, posted

    Loved this!

    sillybeastgirl, posted

    wow that is some of the best bbw doggy stuff i have ever seen...

    luvembigger, posted

    I feel bad for the dog...

    caligula03, posted

    omfg i wish iam the dog.. so fking nice pussy and later i want to be humped by the dog too

    tenshisan, posted

    I don't care how big n hairy this woman is or how dirty her socks are. yeah shes a bit nasty but it seemed she was getting fucked good by this dog... that all that matters to me!

    browneyedog, posted

    Thanks for sharing. She's AWESOME!

    buddydog1960, posted

    Very good video, and a very hot girl.

    solido, posted

    shes loving that dog cock

    mr_x2, posted

    WTF? Get out the flour, boys! We`re gonna have to roll her in it to find the wet spot...that's not a woman, that's a whale! False ad! lol

    jayko, posted

    Bloody revolting and disgusting. This goes beyond what is acceptable !

    petesfolly, posted

    brokenstraw - your profil say that u a girl..hmm i really doubt a girl could write this..

    ghostface93, posted

    oh my gosh, what are you feeding that bitch to make her so damn FAT? And go out andbuy her a razor. Your going to have to go because its obvious that this beached whale doesn't move for shit.

    brokenstraw, posted

    you are so lucky to have a woman like that

    bigman6363, posted

    Nice fucking, and I love those big titties!!

    junglejohn, posted

    Awesome! I know what she is getting and its good!

    359pete, posted

    I would love to see my cum dripping out her pussy.

    ewilson, posted

    hell yeah fuck that wildabeast

    whsepop, posted

    thanks a lot guys, i have an other video (30 min long) but i must find a way to make it shorter so u all can get to watch it ;)

    ghostface93, posted

    you gf didn't make a single sound so she needs something bigger like a horse cock

    dogdave, posted

    wonderful. she is so lucky having this dog! i'd love to be the next.

    readyrenata, posted

    That is GREAT ! She is really enjoying getting fucked by the dog. I'ld love to join in.

    forfun19, posted
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