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    Woman Sucking Dog 2


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    she likes it a lot

    Uploaded by ghostface93 · Rating: 3.7 (75 votes) · 15714 views


    Wow. I thought I was watching flabberlanche. Unhealthy, it's sad really.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    any1 interested in c2c on skype or yahoo i would prefer it to be a girl and it would be even better if you have a animal with you ;) but i am a lil younger though so you would have to be ok with that if you are interested please send me a message

    glowstick25, posted

    Again, most of this clip you're looking at dog ass and her elbows, the cameramen need to not get too close and film the cock going into her mouth.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    She was enjoying her lovers cock in her pussy;P

    mehoff, posted

    What a fat, ugly monster! I won't eat breakfast now!

    jamnik, posted

    one time i walked in my sister room n my dog had her knotted so good she couldnt even get away or talk she was just sayin OOOO OOOOOO trying to cover her tits

    ekime, posted

    Oh I would cum all over her watching her do that! Nice!

    junglejohn, posted

    hot mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    madcyril, posted

    yes please!

    lillygee, posted

    Nice chubby gal.. lovely big tits... would prefer to see the doggy fucking her good.. missionary..

    ozwanderer, posted

    look at those big tits too;)

    dogknot23, posted

    Just like my fatass bitch but she won't let me keep a male dog long enough for it to fuck her.................BITCH , everyone...........

    billy4unow, posted

    That looks like a sexy stud. he can mount me.

    k9cock, posted

    20m looking for people on skype or oovoo to masturbate with leave age and gender

    reaper93, posted

    Fucking gross...why show her fat hairy twat? Its dark and shitty anyway.

    jayko, posted

    The lighting could have been better, and the video could have been longer. Those are the only real complaints I have about it. This shows a BBW preforming for a friend of hers. There is no real dialogue between the two, though. IT seems that the woman just has her dog's cock on her mind, and wants it in her mouth. I love the woman's fat tits, and how she plays with herself as she's sucking the dog's cock. Whoever this is, I hope you decide to make more, especially if there is mounting involved.You're friend is an awesome lady, with an awesome dog. Thank for uploading this video. Love it.

    hrnymi, posted
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