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    The movie

    Girl Lets Dog Take Her

    is no longer available due to violations of our terms and conditions

    Girl tapes herself with dog. This movie contains a web site stamp and is deemed copyright by our standards.. Sometimes we miss one but eventualy catch it..

    Uploaded by Dogtracker · Rating: 4.0 (52 votes) · 4916 views


    no tie -> sucks !

    zndxxx, posted

    like to have been there to take my turn

    monsterlove9, posted

    Excellent, she looks like she a hottie x

    1kevuk, posted

    Nice tie. would like to have seen her suck him off.

    sildolan, posted

    ok is very ......

    stefano57, posted

    ok is very good

    stefano57, posted

    ok good

    stefano57, posted

    LOL, bad music, but a very cute girl----- would like to have a zoogirl :-)

    Willie-zoo, posted

    lucky girl, you see the cock on that dog? wow

    kitty90, posted

    Are you guys deaf? I heard his balls slapping at her skin. HAHAHA. Nice video, but her fault he couldnt get her more, if she woulda stayed still for him...he woulda got her 4-5 times. :P

    ChaseBreen1981, posted

    Cute girl. Woulda been better without that crappy music. That way you can hear her moans and cock squishing inside her.

    Irishbull, posted

    Great knot. Could have cut the movie after the dog left, but whatever.

    nema18, posted

    Don't wipe let me have sloppy seconds and i'll clean you with my tounge.

    kilod42, posted

    hot ass girl and big dog, nothing better.

    alabamaman1, posted

    i'm so jealous of her, great big yummy cock mmmmmmmmmm

    lauzex, posted

    nice body on that girl....dog, tooo... she needs about seven dogs to hit that hot pussy...maybe more.

    dickweed1, posted

    with a knot like that hope he knotte her

    beastsexbill, posted

    Pretty girl and a handsome pup. Took the poor guy a while to figure out what he was supposed to do though.

    knottygirl, posted

    very nice i like it cause the nice fast thrusting from the male and the girl is very hot,sexy cute and the dog is hot..has a huge dick makes me wet and the doggy style makes it way better when i finger my self and if she would have sucked the dick it would have been awesome...Also i like how she plays with her pussy the whole time and slaps her ass real hard i wanted to see lots of cum but i guess not... good movie good porn good dog good girl fart cheese crack smell poop anal porn dog fuck man fucks dogs vagina and girl sucks donkey dick

    jack512, posted
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