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    Fat Girl Gets Licked By Small Dog


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    First of all I would like to state catagorically the this girl is definately not fat! I enjoyed looking at her youthfull face while she enjoyed a good lick fro her liitle toy pom or chiwawa... The little dog licked her like a champion..gently..slowly and with passion. I am sure that they have done this before, as the kittle dog licked her longer she started rotating her loveley pussy in order to get greater pleasure. I could see the ecstasy on her face. It would of been better if there was sound. I hope she can do this one more time with sound and mabe with a bigger dog

    Uploaded by meathookseed · Rating: 3.4 (271 votes) · 44689 views


    good long licking. nice looking girl

    rberger, posted

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    conniechung, posted

    nice video

    xts3000, posted

    That's why I love white women

    prodicalson, posted

    nice! she certainly gets horny and heated from the tiny pooches licks. both enjoyed it... just the way beast love should be!

    browneyedog, posted

    Nice licking and nice looking! I agree, this girl is not fat, and looks damn hot! I would watch her do this anyday! If anyone likes to share stories, hit me up at junglejohn295@yahoo.com!

    junglejohn, posted

    I don't mind

    fatal1010, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    You can definately tell she is having a great time, both of them! Great little K9, and hot girl too! Anyone like to share stories about this please email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com. I am always looking for a select few people to chat with. Hope to hear from you soon.

    junglejohn, posted


    adam2120, posted

    nice ane one want this done hit me up

    haloface, posted

    First let me say that this girl is just gorgeous! Fat? Not hardly. It sure seemed like she was enjoying things but I sure wish we could hear her. Damn she is HOT!! Wish I knew her.

    mogwoy, posted

    it nice and cool having a small dog licking her pussy.

    samsonsam123, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    She's not fat. She's beautiful, with a beautiful bosy and a beautiful cunt (eine supersüsse muschi, een prachtige kut). HAPPY NEW YEAR! animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Good video! I think the woman is Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing! Please share more! Joe :)))

    south2, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need someone to hold the camera for them? if so message me.

    infuse90, posted

    tight male ass here. if ur a woman or a male message me lets fuck

    summitkid96, posted

    id like to do 3 some me lick here hot wet pussy/ass and the dog lick my ass and balls and small cock

    lilcock1, posted

    She's fuckin HOTTTTT. I wanna lick her so baddd right now....

    Seanski0019, posted

    Fat? Who in the hell thinks shes fat?

    midnite3, posted

    Wow...she is a beautiful girl...Id take a mess of that myself ;-)

    jonniekay, posted

    thats not a fat girl!!!!

    poesjeloesje, posted

    Anybody from North Texas and would let me have sexwith their female dog msg me plz

    blackOokami, posted

    •Aluzky says• Doggy likes saliva, she should be kissing him.

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    dollararide, posted

    awesome! if any of use wants a privete chat over msn on cams! dog licking ect. message me(:

    tammymcm, posted

    tolles video, eine supersüsse muschi, eine schöne frau, ein süßer kleiner hund der ihre tolle muschi schleckert.da könnte man(n) stundenlang zusehen.eins der schönsten videos die ich sah.

    Flowerpotman, posted

    oh Hell yea!1

    dfgdfggw45353, posted

    who said she was fat she isnt nice full body however she could of done more in the clip.

    ANTONIOVAZ, posted

    •Aluzky Says• She is not FAT XD and if she where, who cares.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Yip she was awesome, if she can find a better dog for the video,because that dog is too small, we can see she got two nice breast and a pussy too.may be she go for a slim figure too, it exciting body.

    jokersam, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    da noemen ze nu ne echte kuttelikker

    kangeroe, posted

    she is not fat !!!!! lovely tits

    fredpotts, posted

    FAT! someone is having a laugh beauful girl lovely figure wish i was dog.be nice her take big dog.

    ralhper, posted

    yes, she has a nice pussy, also not so fat.

    jokersam, posted

    The only thing that is "fat" is her tits!

    tsmith5143, posted

    Great looking ass and pussy, sure not fat looks damn good to me.

    olderbi, posted

    very nice love 2 chat a female in uk plz contact

    yaz_boy, posted

    what dumbfuck thinks this woman is fat?

    johncummins2007, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    Von einem kleinen jungen Hund geleckt zu werden gefällt ihr. Gibt Menschen die lieben eben jung, ich auch .. lol ! Wer in Germany / NRW fickt real mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    im with the the first guy; shes not fat at all shes fine..

    longdikdong, posted

    What a brilliant clip. Its nice to see both enjoying the monent for what it is, a pleasurable activity. I am looking for an NZ female for my dog. Anybody out there?

    horniman2900, posted

    nice 2 c a pussy being licked without having 2 bribe the dog ....the lady doesn't seem 2 b enjoying it though

    kcfucd, posted

    sweet plumper made for love making.

    digitallover, posted

    I wish it had sound dog is trained well

    shaygirl, posted


    lick29, posted

    She`s not fat, and she`s kinda cute... I like her hip undulations...but again, audio would have made this worthwhile.

    jayko, posted

    I've seen better pussy licking pics here

    Sondie, posted

    I loved this film. Both girl and dog really enjoyed the act.

    cardsfan1939, posted

    dull no light no sound a 2 / 10

    ghad, posted

    I hate small dogs. They cant do shit. They're not even dogs. They're rats.

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    it was good but i can lice moe better.

    rakhi, posted

    Dull and boring.

    sildolan, posted

    would be hot with sound.

    Whatasite, posted

    Love the big girls,would love to see this honey licked and mounted by a bigger dog or other eg horse.thanks for the clip

    bigarse, posted

    Its strange how the end of this is always missing, nice piece though. Thanks

    sued_nym, posted

    fat girl gets licked was an interesting video it is a some what good video but could get better by not showing us (the viewers) so much of her pussy (bleh) gross i mean come on no one wants to turn on their video and see that nasty thing pixel it. sgdh sedtsed sdfsdyse eryadgh adfg dsdhswe sdh ae5y ydfhasdf hah ad ha ryhah aa ehae h ey aa wrr y aer a yae a eea ya aa hya e et es eta s k fy jdd rjr srjsr r r rr eriw 6u rt e e dty srtyw w eew erewrtrt t twtqt qwyeywwe yewtyewy ryt w yye re y w3q6e ehyu r rj yjssj e jery s eyrt s t w ewh urustu es e hw tu sj s sdgjjjfgjfkhg g st j kd e s sjdk hh h h raw t y e e e ru ii t et st hs t

    guyfunny88, posted

    This video was pretty good, but I do prefer when they have sound. I also agree that the woman was in no way fat. I loved seeing both her and the dog get more and more into it as the video progressed, how in the beginning she was trying to entice the dog by licking her finger and rubbing and her pussy, and as the dog got more into it I enjoyed watching her hips start to thrust. I would have liked seeing even more, either more licking, or some actual penetration, and I also liked watching her squeeze her tits while the dog was licking her pussy.

    dreamsue, posted

    I thought the movie was ok. I did like watching the woman lick her fingers and give it to the dog and then put her fingers on her clit to get the dog to start licking her. I expected more intensity as it went on. had she done more it would have been awesome. I realize it was a little dog. could have had some sound to it. it started out like it was going to get very interesting. but kinda fizzle out. the dog licking her was good but she couldn't keep it going for long. maybe had the dog been in front of her it might have been more into her. I would have loved to see her put the dog in front of her. if it had been a bigger dog maybe it would have been more agressive towards her. I have seen clips on here where the dog is licking nonstop. that is what you like to see. it didn't maintain my attention through out. all in all it was ok. I would watch it again. I would probably have her be more in to the dog. make her move to the dog and let the dog have is way with her. it makes it more interesting.

    darkside33, posted

    First of all this lady is not fat but extremely nice to look at. The hip action that she gives while the dog is licking her tells you that she is really enjoying the session. The dog just needs a little more enticing something that it likes to lick maybe some whip cream or somthing sweet, but it is really nice to see a lady that is enjoying it enought to put the hips and smiles in action. This film is well worth watching over and over again. Film quality is also very good,I really enjoyed watching it enough that this is my first review ever, Hope to see more of her in the future. thanks

    lzrider, posted

    This movie was awesome - firstly I agree that this woman is in no way fat. She's the kind of girl that we all fancy right? I absolutely loved the way that by the end of the movie you could see that the girl really wanted the dog to like harder and longer. Her face was getting more and more concentrating and her stroking of the dog more and more urgent. The dog was loving it too - obviously attracted by the flowing juices. It wasn't even put off by the woman involuntarily moving her hips more and more as it licked harder and harder. It's a shame that the dog didn't try and mount the woman - that would have been even better

    Tomaszzak, posted

    First of all I would like to state catagorically the this girl is definately not fat! I enjoyed looking at her youthfull face while she enjoyed a good lick fro her liitle toy pom or chiwawa... The little dog licked her like a champion..gently..slowly and with passion. I am sure that they have done this before, as the kittle dog licked her longer she started rotating her loveley pussy in order to get greater pleasure. I could see the ecstasy on her face. It would of been better if there was sound. I hope she can do this one more time with sound and mabe with a bigger dog

    nikolaos, posted
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