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    The Affair Lady Loves Her Dog


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    Lady Loves her Dog

    Uploaded by dozzzer · Rating: 3.7 (84 votes) · 8358 views


    well if the woman is going to fuck the dog tell her to stay on all 4's let the dog mount and go for it. second if you want close ups of the penetration get a second camera, leave the first for the side shot or quartering side shot to show the mount and penetration, and use the other camera to try to get the close up. then when editing if the close up is to dark then DON'T use it. just go with the side shot to show the penetration and dismount

    castingrod, posted

    i bet she's and escort and his telling her to play with the dog and to sho him away when he stars homping her but then at one point when shes' about to sho it off he tells her hold on let me get this close up shot ,then thats when it happends and the dog stars poking her and she feels it he tells her just a lil bit but then the dogs go wild and stars knotting her ....i guess she like it theres a part 2 and you can REALLY see the knott...i wish there was someone who understood what his saying .i wonder if im right

    jwo7804, posted


    okay22, posted

    wow, she likes it!! sexy movie!!!

    Prasak, posted

    add me lee198621@live.com

    leek2009, posted

    sexy hips n ass love her perky tits

    beastsexbill, posted

    hot babe and dog well hung no wonder she loves to fuck wud love to fuck her myself thx

    passion59, posted

    lady very lovely and soooooooo sexy wish I were there to lick and suck that sweet pussie while she is being fucked by the dog

    bipuss2011, posted

    the lady very fuckable body , the dog didn´t do it justice

    chapa, posted

    Man that lady's got a great body!!!!!!!!! Nice and round where it needs to be. But it looks like they looped the film to make it longer.

    tj50, posted

    guauuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!

    cuales1955, posted
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