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    Licking Orgasm


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    A dog licks a fat woman's pussy until she cums.

    Uploaded by Squeebl · Rating: 4.4 (271 votes) · 53020 views


    Bestiality is hilarious and the best thing that ever happened to mankind. It is the collaboration of rednecks and hippys artistically having sex with each other or animals (or interspecies dating) as others may put it. It is sort of like being a furry, only the animals are real, alive, and, chances are, don't want you shoving your penis in the ass of their fine fuzzy fundament. Although it seems disturbing at first, bestiality can actually be fuck funny. Many debates around the subject center on whether animals can consent to sex? Most normal people believe that no, animals cannot consent to sex. Is that correct? Some say no because even though the sick bastards knew the dog wasn't smart enough to recognize the fact that the peanut butter was on your balls, it still licked the peanut butter off by its own free will. Okay that means a two year old human just raped this dog! Video no longer exists. Apparently Youtube Isn't cool enough to host porn. Contents [hide] * 1 The Difference Between Zoophilia & Bestiality * 2 Drama Llamas * 3 Legal status * 4 Watching Horse Sex * 5 ΞΆ * 6 YouTube videos dedicated to animal fuckers * 7 Gallery * 8 See Also * 9 External Links The Difference Between Zoophilia & Bestiality Since 1504 Nothing. Some argue zoophiles are simply people who liek animals a lot - often developing romantic relationships with them. People who actually have sex with animals however practice bestiality. This is of course bullshit - in every sense of the word. Because their relationship is not just about fucking, Zoos often feel a deep spiritual connection to the animals of their choice - most likely because they lust for their thick knotted cocks in place of their own tiny wart-covered dicks. Since zoos claim not to have sex with animals the issue of consent is not a problem - most zoos just rape their pets. Unlike the bestiality crowd they aren't stupid enough to brag about it. Not surprisingly this page isn't as popular as the other pages because zoos claim they don't liek teh sex. The knot makes them bleed. Sorry readers, you'll have to lurk moar for material to fap to.

    King_Cross, posted

    this makes me want to have a dog..

    Igina, posted

    I love seeing this dog lick this lady's pussy I cum every time I love the way the dog goes deep in her pussy and he keeps his head in there I wish I was this dog so I can lick that pussy clean I would clean out all that cum and go in her ass with my tongue and clean her ass out too

    korngrunts, posted

    DAM,That hound is going to suck the fetus right out of her!


    Very hot... it's such a turn on to see the dog that involved in eating out her juicy, hairy pussy.

    hollyanne21, posted

    I love seeing this dog lick this lady's pussy I cum every time I love the way the dog goes deep in her pussy and he keeps his head in there I wish I was this dog so I can lick that pussy clean I would clean out all that cum and go in her ass with my tongue and clean her ass out too

    kekeko, posted

    Ohhh, man, lucky, lucky girl!! I would love to have a dog lick my pussy like that.

    DKLA, posted

    I love the videos of a girl being liked by the dog it turns me on so bad makes me want be eaten out then fucked hard

    lickmykitten, posted

    i actually wish i was there i would of held her legs wide open.... then she would of really came hard.

    sexygirl209, posted

    i want this doggy.... i can jus imagine how fuckin good this feels....

    sexygirl209, posted


    spr, posted

    very nice but could have opened her legs a little more

    Bumperboat, posted


    dpkr, posted

    This is one of my favorite. I luv to see a sexually denied older woman get A pussy sucked & she moans in ecsasty. She couldnt control the power of the dogs tongue, and the dog the loved the scent of her horny pussy on his nose and her sweet pussy nectar on his tongue. Every night Id bathe and call this pussy eating king N my room matter of fact he could lay with me, 69 would be awesome with this canine.

    newshon, posted

    i want to see animal movies

    reetadevi0999, posted

    thank god she keeps shirt over that fat belly.

    surreality, posted

    That dog really needs to come up for some air. Talk about smoothering a pusy.

    Rockdoc106, posted

    Wow i just came in my pants watching this its nice......

    mexben86, posted

    Can i use your dog for a week sure wished he was mine

    doggiedoer2, posted

    fat or not, she got that pussy licked very well. mmmm hmmmm.

    kittybom, posted

    I want that dog!

    sexyjenny16, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm now this does feel fantastic

    Belinda402007, posted

    nope she's just fat

    P1nkMeNow, posted

    would love to see her tits. Lucky girl, would love to join in.

    kitty90, posted

    excellent video! wow, what a great licker that dog is!! don't you just love their tongues!? MMmm Mm loved the view and her pleasured moans, very nice

    dogluvr, posted

    OMG what a lucky bitch he was fantastic mmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    never mind that Darkonlooker, i wish i could take over for her!! :) what a wonderful little licker!!

    missi35, posted

    wow I love the hairy pussy, and that skilled dog, I wish I could take over for him ;)

    Darkonlooker, posted

    I love how at ease he is licking her cunny. You know he'd be happy to stay there all day

    ErinLucy, posted

    She is pregnant!!!!!!! WOW

    arielcaraballo, posted

    that was incredibly hot makes me think back to the days when my dog licked my pussy till i came i live in a an apartment that doesnt allow dogs :(

    sexybeastchic86, posted

    Superb licking skilled and the sound of her cumming OMG!!!Thanks

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Mmmm bbw queen cums on a dogs invading slurping tongue... awesome rating ftw~

    Deeke, posted

    I think preggy

    animaljack, posted

    is she a bbw or pregnant?

    dldoglover000, posted

    Very hot... great sound!

    febfantasia, posted

    that made me horny!

    dohodolvr2, posted

    dont say fat woman its bbw

    zoocrazybbw, posted

    This video features close-up shots of an eager licker with his muzzle buried deep within his master's wet vagina. The dog seems hellbent on licking every inch of her cunt and his master is enjoying every second from it. Extreme closeups of the muzzle in her crotch zoom out to long shots of her stomach and legs. Towards the end of the video, the woman's moans grow in intensity until they crescendo to an orgasm at the end. The dog pulls away, then the scene cuts back to a scene of him licking again, cleaning up her love juices after the big finish. Picture quality is not bad- it's not crystal clear, but it's clear enough. Sound quality is good. This is a very sexy video because of how into it the woman is and how furiously the dog licks her.

    dogs_are_phat, posted
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