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    Dane And Women


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    I loved the camera angles from underneath so you could see the dogs cock fucking her pussy. she loved having that dogs cock fucking her wet pussy . It made me so horny watching the movie. ive never had sex with a dog before but damn this turned me on so much i think you might see me in a video very soon. ide love to see how it feels to get dog fucked. Thats HOT HOT HOT i loved it. It just needed to finish with the dogs cum dripping out of her pussy OHH yes or it shooting all over her ass n pussy

    Uploaded by K_million21 · Rating: 3.8 (1714 votes) · 233885 views


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    Fuck, look at that knot!!! She is so lucky....I want to find a man who will let me do this with his dog! I do wish she would have at least sucked itthough.

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    wow that was ok,not enough penertraion shots,but if we could tell animals what to do we would make some awwwwsome movies....

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    nice and clear picture, love to hear the women moan when the dogs eventually mount them and then the spped of it all, just would be better on all 4s and with her tits out so we can see them swing

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    Very Nice, thanks for sharing.

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    Would have been better if the camera angle showed more penetration and if the woman would have let him knot her more deeply, other than that the clip was OK.

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    This could have been a really hot clip...however, I empathize with the dog in trying to mount her. The woman needed to be somewhat lower to the ground, allowing the dog to grip her, take charge and and pound her with fat doggie cock. What a waste...the scene never really progressed, not a fan of montage clips. Want a beginning , a middle and a knot.....and uh.... a end. Basic story telling.

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    She seems to really like the feel of this dogs cock when it goes into her with her exclamations of Oh God, Oh Wow! and the like but she doesn't seem to realize that she's not offering her pussy up to the dog properly. Never the less it is a pretty good video with lots action even if it is sporadic.

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