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    Fun At Home


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    what else would u do

    Uploaded by K_million21 · Rating: 2.8 (462 votes) · 89968 views


    cant get through all the fat....

    Spinelli69, posted

    her shape is perfect in doggy

    ekime, posted

    Hmmm She is Heather, I love her!!!

    okkos, posted

    dog needs very long cock for this big ass

    qhuma4321, posted

    I love big chicks.

    bitchboy, posted

    What a good dog! He does a patient sit (and later a down) until she's ready :-) I'm so surprised that she can be so quiet, though ... . I do wonder about the axe -- is she into SCA or RenFair or ? I want some more from her!

    RobbieO, posted

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    YoJambaJamba, posted

    if I was there id help the dog get his knot in her pussy then id eat it and her ass while the dog knotted in her

    michaellj1972, posted

    too dark, but nice try anyways!

    junglejohn, posted

    If there are any girls in the Austin, TX area... I have a dog I'm trying to train. Inbox me! Or if you're just an exhibitionist and want someone to watch you on webcam or something.

    BeastlySebby, posted

    i will she mmm big sweet asssss....

    44ers, posted

    ok do u have more

    411970, posted

    That is one lucky dog, I would bury my face and my throbbing cock deep into that pussy

    kumanoken, posted

    Very hot! Any ladies wanna chat message me:)

    Bigjohn232323, posted

    Hi ^_^ im a male, (il say age through message) and 100% bisexual, so maybe message me, and we can talk, or maybe even trade pics ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    A big disappointment - blurry, no close-up boring...

    johnwolf, posted

    Suche Pferdebesitzer in Bayern. Habe schon ein paar Erfahrungen mit Pferden will aber doch ein bisschen mehr lernen :) Skype: poati.dream7 NUR AUS BAYERN / ONLY FROM BAVARIA!

    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    louisiana hit me up

    opencity123, posted

    Girls text me if you fuck animals 513 766 2529

    2kchamp, posted

    21 year old lad wants to chat on skype luk3y167 or email me jonnyfoster167@gmail.com

    hotrod167, posted

    The.dog.should knot the.chubby girl & make her his breeding bitch

    Krystal, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and wouldn't mind me haveing sex with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mindbeing recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    21 year old lad here from uk would love to talk to people about animal sex. skype me luk3y167 or email me jonnyfoster167@gmail.com

    hotrod167, posted

    im a 14 year old bi male message if u want to have some fun

    chromebat, posted

    nice attitude u like to crawl in bed

    rockdalek12, posted

    Mmmm..shower time definitely...gonna play with my showerhead..

    soakingwet29, posted

    im 15 in missiauga canada region wanting to do anything! message me!

    carlosj590, posted

    BBW's feel so nice to fuck. Bouncy bounce :)

    horselover54321, posted

    21 yo here anyone for chat or cam on skype add me luk3y167

    luk3y167, posted

    god she is hot for a bbw nice curves

    mrdude43420, posted

    What? For 5 months nobody said something? Nobody saw the clip? For 5 long months it wasn't posted in the free bonus section? I just love BBW women, They're sexy as hell. she is made for love, I would love to fuck her big, juicy pussy from behind, lying on that big, fat ass. I didn't really see the dog fucking her. Still, I liked some of the comments, like the 1 about the singing dog and the hard trying dog. L A T E R ! ! ! 31 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted


    axal, posted

    What a hot BBW,my wife thinks so too,we would like her to join us in our bedroom :P

    curioushubby, posted

    real couple with real mutual pleasure

    clickpavi, posted


    xzjiqing, posted


    label123, posted

    good vid id watch it twice

    Williamtilliam, posted

    Anyone Females out there want to see a teenage male Cum On Cam add lovestounload@hotmai-l.com Face will not be shown as a precaution.

    ilovetocum, posted

    Beautiful lady I would love to share your pussy with your K9 boyfriend.I just love BBW woman sexy as hell.

    smiley1956, posted

    any bbws into this aswell hit me up at k9bbwluver@yahoo.com love 2 web cam and chat with u

    l182, posted

    he fucked that pussy at the end,just like she wanted,shot his cum in her hot pussy.love to slid my dick in her pussy after he finished love seconds after a dog its so sexy makes you cum really quick and long like cumming in a dogs pussy if she in heat with her big fat wet pussy lips its even better...squirt squirt in that hot pussy

    getdownonit, posted

    you big hoe

    lilson16, posted

    WHAT is with all the MALES having female names??? Yike

    ThisMan, posted

    •Aluzky says• Big girl needs big dog, that dog is too small to reach her.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Nice big tits i hope she has his puppeys there would feed on her tits.

    smint123, posted

    that was fantastic hun wish i could have been there with u my god i,m so wet now my self i,m kellybigtits29 i,m from the mid west . wish we could chat lots of questions I,d love to ask u about 2

    kellybigtits29, posted

    I literally uploaded this a few hours ago, you take my upload (actually both of them) and stick them in the free section and give me no credit? WTF is that? You get no more content from me!

    z00, posted

    I think she is to big for that size dog of dog !!!!

    fredpotts, posted

    zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en zou dit wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes en likjes en xxxjes

    kangeroe, posted

    wow thats a big girl, poor dog; no wonder he couldn't penetrate her

    lou44, posted

    thats one lucky dog getting to fuck that big juicy pussy.it would have been a better movie if the liteing was better and it was in focus.

    billyum0123, posted


    ManLovesDogs92, posted

    enjoyed the video but the picture quality is too low

    zazzap, posted

    Or, maybe they found many positions!

    stangin, posted

    It seems that they could not find the right position.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    i wish icould fucking her she s so sexy

    casanova1972, posted

    she seems happy with him at least trying, maybe just not a good day for both of them being on a bed.

    k9novice, posted

    love bbw mmmmm

    madcyril, posted

    she is made for love. sweet passionate plumper.

    digitallover, posted

    at that size i suppose its the only sex should get anyways

    imkelly, posted

    This girl has at least 2 other videos out that I've seen. They're FAR BETTER in quality. In one of them, her phone rings and you hear her answer, "WHAT?!" Can you imagine if you were the one to have interrupted her fucking her dog? She gets pumped full of dog cum in both. In one, she drains it on the floor, but the other video is hot because she drops his load in a glass and drinks it in front of the camera! HOT!

    jack831, posted

    wish I was having that kind of fun at home right now

    kcfucd, posted

    props to this girl for taping herself having a good time. I liked it.

    Cmmshot, posted

    sweet fat women lucky dog

    tony-dog, posted

    Sweet vid. Hey if anyone want free pics and clips just send me an email at zach8892@gmail.com

    Micka8892, posted

    This clip was a total waste of time. The quality is very poor. It's also too dark. It's difficult to make out much in this one. The film is shot with a stationary camera at the wrong angle. If there was any connection we weren't able to see it. The dog is interested, but seems to need more training. He mounts the girl several times, then licks her a little, then mounts her again. We can't see if the dog ever makes connection. The girl is very large. If you like BBW, you may like this one. The fun may be had later, but it doesn't happen here.

    likbrbvr, posted

    well i reckon she is hot, i would do her after the dog no problems...you go girl

    mousemat, posted

    I guess no one has informed this dog of the flour method? Roll her in it to find the wet spot? Thats ok boy, just find a fold and fuck it!

    jayko, posted

    Its really disappointing when people get online and show their ignorance toward BBWs. When its a woman they think look good. Its a "HOT" video, but if its a BBW she comes off as being desperate I'm with BIGGchief2009. I have a friend that just got a divorce with a dog. I'd love to walk in on them

    Blackwood, posted

    not bad at all

    billyum0123, posted

    I like her big fat ass wanting to fuck the dog cuz no man will! she needs it badly!!

    jayko, posted

    I didn't see the fun in the video that the title lead to believe, I thought it was frustration. It had me knot up waiting for the connection. Frustration At Home with Fido, I waiting to see part II where they finally connect. I

    escowbpy, posted

    Wow... two of my favourite things in one- a lovely BBW and a horny dog! Would die to be there with them.

    dogman1234, posted

    GOD! I would LOVE to find a BBW like this! LOVE those big sexy curves and the way that she obviously LOVES her dog. I would LOVE to join them.

    BIGGchief2009, posted

    I could hear him singing the song, "she's too fat, she's too fat for me"

    dutiful9, posted

    love to meet up with u both :) x

    paulpox, posted

    maybe she should get a kitten or puppy to suck on them big tits

    edwardc, posted

    Waste of time. Shitty quality

    sildolan, posted

    not bad video, but on the whole, petsex's bonus video selection sucks!

    tiddlytommy, posted

    Wow some pets have all the FUN:)

    cccccccc, posted

    Damn he tries hard. Obvious they are both hoping to "connect", and they want it bad, but his cock is only so long. Definately not long enough to make that reach and knot with her. Go for the ass Fido..

    NoOther, posted

    nice video of her just enjoying her doggie and him enjoying her! looked like some good fucking and play!

    dogluvr, posted

    Sweet! Pup was trying hard to mount the chuncky mamma! Looked like they were having fun!

    harleypoor, posted

    I'd be sperming up in that fat ass every day if I was that dog!

    Fatesarrow, posted

    I love the girls alone with their dog.

    gknot, posted

    Poor dog. Takes alot of effort to fuck that fat bitch.

    Irishbull, posted


    ELKING39, posted

    lov her big ass belly and big saggers!

    beastsexbill, posted

    I thought she was hot...I like any woman that enjoys k9s...any BJ action???

    cheekymonkey, posted

    PUSH , Pete! There's a hole in there somewhere...

    herrbrush, posted

    wow just wow

    relly20012001, posted

    nothing real good about this movie, yes it is a home movie but that being said it is all one angle. the quality of the video is not that good, grainy and the lady is a bit thick for my taste. You can not see any actual penetration, she makes no noises to show that she is enjoying it. Lots of red and green pixels makes it distracting to watch. The dog is either not getting inside her or cumming way to dang quick, although he does mount her several times he just as quickly dismounts her. evenn if she is a bith thick for me if she could get someone to help her with the camera work and a better camera I would like to see more of her

    arkreb68, posted

    The title says it all at home.In this clip its exciting to see the girl and her mate try so hard to make a connection.You can tell she loves being handled by him.Watch as he licks her, her head moves but she dont want to stay into that she wants some dick.her pussy is so wet all he has to do is rub aganist it and it will slide in.At the end he gets it in and she dont want to move because she loves it.Homemade is the way to go.remember you dont have to go to the store when the dog needs a bone,when you can have fun at home.

    dippie, posted
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