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    Fun At School


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    Nice Gluts!

    Uploaded by K_million21 · Rating: 2.3 (1312 votes) · 179476 views


    thats what I consider a "fat ass" seems "fat ass" now means "obese"

    poopsexfun, posted

    was very good would love to see more

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    doggy32248, posted

    Some of these movies are a waste of time

    Dimples200095, posted

    Nagyon kemény hogy Magyar a csaj. :P

    xCondemnedx, posted

    I am amazed how much videos are reposted with the title changed that is not even close to the video.

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    Very little action with her pet. Enjoyed watching her rub her pussy at the beginning. Thank you for uploading anyhow.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    I do think she has been here before I have 3 with her.. try to opload...

    thonbo, posted

    Some nice shots of her ass but that is about it.

    junglejohn, posted

    not a memorable video. sorry

    thecritic, posted

    Great body ready to be Mated go boy give her your Puppy Seed,im sure she needs it bad.

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    my dog would fuck the arse off her

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    cnnt even tel WAT DA FUCK ggoin on in this vid she just fuckin stand ther for 2 min doin NOTHING WTFFFF

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    what a shit clip.

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    nailmesweet54, posted

    what a waste...nothing then a bit of stuff at the end. pitiful

    peachesncream69, posted

    looking for someone to roleplay with (im female)

    gewgirl, posted

    This is crap - the first 2:25 are nothing but her getting undressed, moving around, and failing to get the dogs interest. In the last 10 seconds he mounts her but she one of the many chicks who can't seem to understand that it's not enough to get on all fours... you have to get the angle right!

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    EpicHorse, posted

    Great Body But Boring Video

    ManLovesDogs92, posted

    I'm sorry lady but he's just not that into you ; )

    slavechild, posted

    I'd tap that.

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    boyd3151, posted

    BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    petesfolly, posted

    Hot bod with a realistic enviroment

    tonto_1989, posted

    she has a nice body. she somebody like me. no that dog

    bulldogmike, posted

    cut out the first 2 minutes 30 and the rest is pretty good...

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    fulltime13, posted

    her ass is flat! it is not round or sexy!

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    deadaxes235, posted

    We get credits from commenting right?

    JoSweet18, posted

    Pretty cool but they both need more training.

    1billy4unow, posted


    anubas69, posted

    Yawns.....BORING... dog was like.....ewwwwwww

    Tiny3, posted

    techno o:

    shadowmarka, posted

    Wasted a lot of time and I don't think the dog was very interested

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    What fine legs and fine ass she has. So many people see the clip and think, that the dog has human feelings. And if he looks at the girl and sees how delicious and succulent she is and still does nothing to fuck her, he must be a faggot, stupid dog. Or else, he'd be up and on her right away. Nobody seems to know, that a dog does not see, what humans see. I've said it so many times already. 13@animalpsychologist.

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    She Needs a New Dog, one that fucks

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    MR_MAXMAN, posted

    Will you look at those legs? Those, knees, those calves, those ankles and especially her thighs and her ass. They are to die for! And that belly! I want to marry that girl. She's the same girl from 'woman and dog' and 'collegegirl gets knotted'. Sometimes I'm not sure, what she's doing. As if she's trying to entice the dog by showing him her beautiful ass and cunt. But the dog don't see them. Änd if he does, they mean nothing to him. Dogs do not recognize each other by sight. A dog does not need to see a dog to know his scent. Maybe a dog meets up with another dog and if he could think, he'd think: 'Hey, you! I know your scent! You pooped and peed in the street on my territory. But don't worry, I already pooped and peed overthere again. My scent again. stronger than yours.' But further on she does it right. She entices him with her cuntscent on her finger. And then he mounts her and starts fucking her and something goes wrong. Maybe he's in the wrong hole, for she gets him out again. His hardon tells me, he was inside her even if only for 2 sec. Or maybe she just wanted to prolong the fucking. The last 1,5 min of the clip is also in the other clips as the first part of the clip. And then he really fucks her and knots her. Happy New Year10@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    very poor to long intro no action with dog

    wallsvince, posted

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    cleclego, posted

    its okayy

    deriro, posted

    That beautiful lady wouldn't have to coax me before she would be mounted and filled up she has the perfect body too bad the doggy's interest wasn't better she probably had him worn out. Thanks for sharing

    fidos_ladi, posted

    The girl acts like she's a newbie. But she isn't. I think, she already got lots and lots of experience. I think, even years and years of experience. She's got a body to die for (not that it matters to the dog). She's got beautiful legs, ass, cunt, belly and arms. Jesus, even I would like to do her. All day and all of the night. And then the dog could have his go. After which it would be my turn again. But I think, she'd rather have the dog than any man. Not that the dog will satisfy her needs. Maybe mentally he will. The mind is a powerful thing. If she thinks, he does, then he does. And he is a big dog, with a big dong and a big knot. The fact, that she stands on all 4s on the bed, shows, that she's got experience with fucking this big dog. She knows the right hight for him to enter her. 10 cm higher and he couldn't knot her, 10 cm lower and he couldn't enter her. For the people, who come in here and see movieclips for free, it is boring to see a movieclip of 2 1/2 min in which there's no fucking. And they think, that this is a movie. But it is just a clip. Which means it is just a piece of a bigger whole. Didn't you see the scenechanges? And I've seen at least 3 other clips of this girl and this dog in/on this site. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    This Video along with the one entitled Woman and Dog. Its the same woman, same room, same dog. i love how 3/4 of the way thru this video, it switchs to the scenes of the other video.

    stick1, posted

    that dogie must be blind id lick and suck and fuck her

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    Wow, that was one of the saddest an most pathetic vids iv seen.. Obviously the dog wasnt feelin it.. way too much coaxing to get him to do it that once for a few seconds... really, perhaps consider about getting another dog who is actually willing to mount instead of having to beg the dog for some.. she has nice curves on her body but that was about the only thing worth watching..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

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    airborneterry, posted

    I'd be a good bitch and stay there so he could do it

    NeedsIT69, posted

    wonderful she is great!!

    jojo2013, posted

    glad she turned music down

    crewmen, posted

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    dentamana, posted

    the girl beautiful and no action was take.

    samsonsam123, posted

    I thought the same thing. This movie needed more action.

    jim_41_70, posted

    Not the best video. Didn't do anything for me. Needs more action less her just standing there.

    pippadoggy, posted

    Very beautiful to see a woman and dog mating in peace and harmony! :)

    tercel, posted

    This woman is absolutely hot! I love the way she is built.This vid in particular is not as good as her other ones but she and he know how to get it done!

    breeder09, posted

    Love the big fat ass...and would love to watch that big dog pound that ass some more

    kinkyhorsefuck, posted

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    smuddi, posted

    I love it

    mr407, posted

    i cant belive she takes the knot

    martyalessi1, posted

    its ok but nothing special, yes...

    Prasak, posted

    Nothing special.

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    nothing special

    jetpilot69, posted

    this is not good porn.

    Reanimator1, posted

    was kinda expecting more...more dog that is. she spent most of the time playing without the dog even in the room...

    seraiwolf, posted

    i must post one of me and my boxer lover

    slutina, posted

    waste of time did she want it to start with???????

    fredpotts, posted

    defintely not worth the time

    numbskull, posted

    even the dog dont wanna fuck her lul

    pokeking, posted

    where is the full one then?

    weirdo12345678, posted

    gutes paar fehlt noch am richtigen training ;-)

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    dell470, posted

    seemed to take a while for the dog to want to. would like to see more.

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    No it is not the full version

    dswayed24, posted

    no offence to everyone watching this great movie but this isn't the full version

    bigko0o11, posted

    thats not the way to teach a dog the art of screwing,she has a nice body and the dog looks old enough to know.

    fredpotts, posted

    I will take the dog or the girl she has a great body.

    7121, posted

    if the pooch does not want to do it i will take his place seem reluctant and took too much coaxing, her body is perfekt...

    luvembig, posted

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    falinrok, posted

    They kept in the boring bits and stopped when the going got better. What a shame they didn't get it the other way round !

    theprojectman, posted

    Ok Realy not that good most of the time all the woman did was walk around it did not seem like the dog was even intresed till the verry end when he finaly mounted her for a few secs.

    babydollaz, posted

    I luv this babe

    anubas69, posted

    this site is just pitiful change name of video and the length your only fooling yourself why anyone thinks this is great is hard to believe good buy not viewing any moore.

    vale1, posted

    fucking great video wish I was there to help her after the dog was done.

    pbhorny, posted

    nice curves.

    digitallover, posted

    ist euch pic's aus gegangen oder wie , ständigt bekommt man(frau)immer wieder gleiche pic's... ödeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ebrusch, posted

    love the girl but what can I say...peanut butter, peanut butter, peanut butter!

    johncummins2007, posted

    Wtf is up with the new habit of mistitling every single fucking video?

    autumnvixen, posted

    Damn sexy woman to bad the dogs wasn"t as interested as he could be,damn nice legs Rancher in 530 area code with german shphards

    mrbuyout, posted

    it was a sexy video but the video was kinda messed up.

    sickman21, posted

    I love this girls build, her body promises untold pleasure, but the next clip in the series is better.

    jayko, posted

    very sexy girl not enough action

    stronglips69, posted

    Nice song of Beyonce...

    dreamsex, posted

    BullShit<1 pure Shit! What she do allways on the rightsite? A dog they no know what he have to do! Its a movie for church, NOT for horny aduls! Forget it! Bullenscheiß! Purer Scheiß! Was macht die W-Sau ständig an der rechten Seite? Ein Hund der nicht wei´ß was er zu machen hat! Ein Film für ne Kirche aber, nicht für geile Erwachsene (oder die es werden wollen)! Kannst vergessen!

    sadfuck, posted


    musme, posted

    Light is too dark, can not see clearly

    yunqiu, posted

    She is the hottest woman I've ever seen!

    ruggedguy, posted

    This girl and dog need to finish school more.


    i thought it was ok although i think she should wait til she has the dogs attention then maybe start recordeing.

    doggygirl27, posted

    Nice girl, but not much action. Where is the "fun" and where is the "school"??

    DanishMale, posted

    I think this one is very good! It shows reality.

    Flowerhunter, posted

    When they do these vids, why oh why dont they do the prep first, so we see the action not the time wasting.

    Scarletslut, posted

    Movie was great the lady was THICK nice and Thick the dog looked tired but as fine as she was i would of jumped her bones that was so hot she had them nice big legs what a site

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    what a waste of a beautiful dog! Just when it looks like she might get 2 have fun with him she gets up, I would have sucked on his cock 2 get his attention not hit him on the nose, I was very disappointed.

    kcfucd, posted

    looks like she cant take the dogs cock

    kerf51, posted

    The vid ends at the point where the young woman is about to get the payoff she has been working so hard to get. . . .I wouldn't bother posting when 20 seconds are used to simple take off lace panties. . .

    morgan_faye, posted

    what the hell was that it wasn't even worth posting I hope you can come up with something better.

    crazyme1957, posted

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    dogpink, posted

    I like that she is working to get it

    shaygirl, posted

    worth watching the excitement

    stiffrider, posted

    i wouldn't have been as reluctant as the dog!

    yourholeinone, posted

    the dog didn't seem very interested, maybe she needs to get him worked up first

    nodak, posted

    The dog has class! He wants nothing to do with a woman so overweight!

    hotazguy, posted

    The dog doesn't look very interested at first but the video skips ahead a bit and the girl comes back in a gray shirt. but i still think it was boring....

    peter54, posted

    its actually a good build up movie; lots of anticipation. What keeps you watching is the girl's beautiful body. She is young, thick and gorgeous and you KNOW she can take anything the dog gives her. The downfall of the video is that the dog is pensive, but I thoroughly enjoyed her attempt at some 'fun at school'

    norion, posted

    The dog doesn't look very interested at first but the video skips ahead a bit and the girl comes back in a gray shirt. but i still think it was boring....

    ee2ee, posted

    big fake+poor! There no action, right for sleeping now. What doing the wife? All, but nothing like dogfuckin or likkin or else. And where the fuckin Face? The dog knowin what is fuckin+likkin a bitch? Alles Mist, die Ficksau fummelt nur an irgendwas rum und sonst nur einschlaf-Filmchen. Weiß der Hund eigentl. wie man ne Fickhure fickt+leckt?

    sadfuck, posted

    would like to see her face also. and the fucking scene must be longer...

    felixali, posted

    this is a waste time.

    jimi-jumu, posted

    solo shots just dont cut it. she needed a person to run camera, then maybe it could be more entertaining.

    flypaper, posted

    I have seen the rest of this movie, and believe me, it rocks! You gotta see it!! He fucks her, then she shows her wet cum dripping pussy (and ass) to the camera .. hot!!

    jayko, posted

    great movie... love to be a part of the team

    milindkhanna80, posted

    more action on the dogs part it would have been better movie

    billyum0123, posted

    Poor girl, her dog won't even bang her.

    KnotsKnuts, posted

    wow that was a waste of time

    alpolove, posted

    long time to see nothing

    nhiggy, posted

    over 2 minutes of nothing, and when dog finally mounts her he doesn't even get it in her

    edwardc, posted


    curious_chick, posted

    There's a better shot of this vid elsewhere here on and online...whoever this lady is...I'm in love with her!!

    Praxus, posted

    Just not worth the time to watch.

    flight1951, posted

    I think this is a waste of time.....obviously the dog is not interested

    Sondie, posted

    The Ministry of the film is really good-looking! !

    245927065, posted

    he's just not that into you

    moodz, posted


    Italianmeat, posted

    Well, whatta y'expect at a WAC school???

    dogsoldier69, posted


    bigarse, posted

    Patetically boring

    sildolan, posted

    it seems that that dog is fed up of that bitch .i say to the owner to look for a big assed bitch for that dog

    pets30, posted

    lov her ass!

    beastsexbill, posted

    I could ask where is the action or did I blink and miss it.

    st_benard, posted

    My wife and my homemade video! :))

    SeeD69, posted

    I must have fallen asleep during the fucking...there WAS fucking , right?

    herrbrush, posted

    good dog fuck movie as they are not always in the mood but in the end she got that hot dog cock in her

    bipuss2011, posted

    stop hittin the pup he might be more willing then

    starfly69, posted

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    zoorojano, posted

    I've seen other video of this girl, it's really pretty good! This will like to everyone who really loves videos of woman and dog games(including sex). They are don't fuck very much in this video, but theyre actions is looking some better. This is girl who really loves that actions, who can made sex with her dog and record a some video by itself, it's very important thing because most of womans in dog sex videos dont really like it and doing somethink just for show. That girl is pretty good and dont working just for show. Recomend this video!

    generaldirector, posted

    not enough humping but it was alright and now i have to write this review about idk what the video was mostly of the girl playing with herself or trying to get the dog to do something. if you do it agian u might want to practice with your ddog so he know what to do instead of wasting about a minute and a half besides all of that it was very good and fun to watch the dog stopped humping you verey quickly idk if it was u that stopped him or he choose to but he should of went longer

    mushyyy, posted

    This was a pretty cool video. I enjoyed it. It started out quite slow, with a sexy girl with a nice body being licked by a dog. It was pretty boring in the beginning, but mid-way through and at the end were the best parts. I loved it when the dog forced her down, mounted her, and proceeded to pound her pussy. I only wish that it was longer, and the camera had a better angle. Overall, though, it was a good video, all right quality. I would recommend it to other beast-fans that I know. Oh, and I also think that the girl was quite sexy, and I liked the fact that she brought a dog into her college to make this sexy, boner inducing video.

    djpowz, posted

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    expplz, posted

    this is an excellant movie, picture a lonely college girl nice and thick, horny left alone with her dog, she teases him damces around plays with herself priming herself getting ready to let him mount her, this is an excellant movie in that it is realistic, it is happening now somewhere, plus we have all known girls like this, she leads the dog on until she is ready then when he mounts her you van see her accept his dick and see her as she rises up from his deep penetration almost as if it hurt, she gets up scratching herself as if it hurt, then she decides she wants more, would have been better if we could have seen his dick, sure it was large, but watching her take him for that breif moment we realize it is large as she is a big girl and could take a large one, this is an excellant movie to get you wound up.

    luv2watchundogs, posted

    Pretty plain, Girl undresses at the begging, taking off her panties and showing a a little skin bending over on the bed. Then entices her black dog to come over and have lick her clit for some fun. The dog doesn't look very interested at first but the video skips ahead a bit and the girl comes back in a gray shirt. After a little enticing at the end the dog ends up mounting her for a while. Altogether needs to either be longer or the girl needs to get to the point from the start. Bastante claramente, la muchacha desnuda en el petición, sacando sus bragas y demostrando una poca piel que dobla encima en la cama. Entonces tienta su perro negro para venir de visita y para tener lamer su clit para una cierta diversión. El perro doesn' la mirada de t muy interesada al principio pero él salta a continuación un pedacito y los apears de la muchacha en una camisa gris en el extremo y el perro terminan para arriba el montaje de ella durante algún tiempo. Altogeather necesita o ser más largo o la muchacha necesita conseguir al punto del comienzo.

    iienigmus, posted
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