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    Amateur Dog Fuck.Avi


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    Dog fucks womsn

    Uploaded by mst · Rating: 3.6 (779 votes) · 117179 views


    good video

    tommytrain, posted

    21 female looking to get my first knot. Buffalo/Rochester area

    katybear, posted

    any females wanna txt(no calls) (812)545-3543

    larrys-pc, posted

    hello my name is mike im single and i love to play with animals of all kinds and love to eat sweet juicy pussy and ass for hours at a time i have always wanted to eat a woman's pussy while she is being fucked i dont care if its human or animal would you be willing to send me a pair of your worn panties that are good and smelly please for my birthday im mike john 140 Crawford Wenatchee Wa. 98801 please please please im begging you please

    michaellj1972, posted

    well she need her pant off and he could get her I would love to suck his cock and clean and suck his cum out now I want to do video you need male sissy bitch ddfree in heat 24/7 then cfrey83@yahoo.com or 404-444-8844

    shepussy, posted

    anyone interested in skypeing with me send me a message i am kinda young will only skype with girls preferibly with a animal dont have to have one though only way i will cam with a guy is if you have a animal with you. so if anyone is interested send me a messege!

    glowstick25, posted

    Im a 19 y/o male, college freshman in north florida. I just got a male pup, and I am looking for a girl thats also in college to train him with. i've never done anything like this and I would like it if you havent either. it may seem a bit wierd, but I wont be "involved" so its not so bad. we can take it slow, talk for a while before settling on anything. maybe it can turn into something more if we connect. once we decide on everything and we both feel comfortable, we can talk about setting something up. -John

    zettles, posted

    yummy, real 10 thick, huge inch here, i wish to watching guys and ladies playing k9, if u got dog and cam plzz add me, blackbitop4cuck@yahoo or Skype under BlackBiTop, ty

    BlackBiTop, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl and has a well endowed dog or pony and wouldn't mind me haveing sex with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    very hot cut out pants would of like to see a closer view of hir pussy as it was getting pounded, i've wanted to see my wife fuck our dog for years is there anyone who can give me advise on how to make this happen i'm desperate lets chat

    mcesme, posted

    Very beautiful breeding that was!

    breeder09, posted

    so nice

    luvit69, posted

    This woman has got experience. She's got more experience than all you advicegivers. More than me too, with all the years, that I'm doing it. But if she's got so much experience, why does she still have to lean on her elbows? Still covering her face in shame? My mom used to tell me: 'If you do something, you need not be ashamed of it, if you are ashamed, don't do it.' But don't do it and keep doing it and still be ashamed, that's hypocrytic. Though leaning on her elbows, I need to say, she's standing right on her hindlegs. That's the right way to do it, not leaning backwards, as most women do. The dog shagged her good. And just for that goodshagging I'll give her an awesome. Though for the leaning on her elbows she deserves a poor. L A T E R ! ! ! 0202 animalpsychologist 2.

    cleclego, posted

    Good vid, big problem. It's bad enough that this poor woman was married to a lowlife, but the fact that the site would leave up his shameful review has led me to the decision that I will NEVER post my own material here. Shame on you, PetSex.

    lilycunt, posted

    Watched this movie on lunch break.when he is more experienced then the lady will be in doggy heaven!

    crufts2691, posted

    Very nice vid, a bit slow to start, he really needs to learn his way around a full figure ^^

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    Obviously still in training, needs a little more work done an some more time. he was able to hit his mark after a few failed attempts. wish we could have seen a knot, but all in all, a nice vid. with a good lookin dog.

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    mmmmm gets me going lovely...ozzie gal

    ozgalluvsdogs, posted

    Thank you! And he was a good boy! He kept at it and finally knots his lover!

    mehoff, posted

    I love how she's just waiting for it. How was that at the end honey?

    lvmydog, posted

    i would like to meet somebody with a large dog or horse to train me. i live in brevard co. fl.

    boatman6969, posted

    like i said nothing special, its got me horny but not enough where i would touch myself.

    sexheals, posted

    To the reviewer: YOU are SHIT! You are a fucking cesspool. You are all the shit, there is to find in a fucking cesspool. Nobody asked you her name. Nobody asked you, where she came from. If she wanted us to know, she could've told us so herself. And she was wise to get out of that marriage. Who wants to be married to a cesspool? And your 3 to 4 inches are how long in reality? Not even 3 to 4 cm! You're full of it! By the way: the movie is great! Hot! The woman obviously likes getting fucked by a (big) dog. She clearly is experienced. F y i: THAT is NOT doggystyle. Ever seen a bitch get down on her elbows, when being fucked by a he-dog? Why do so many women? animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    He kept trying until he hit his mark. Looks like he tied. Might have been nice to see the turn or dismount.

    hardflare, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need some one to hold a camera? If so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Nothing like getting the ram by a Mastiff I tell you. They are always willing and ready. Glad to see the boy finally found the hole.

    alifealife22, posted

    I love those home videos, she is a goddess and a wonder dog

    chisu_32, posted

    A very nice amateur video! That Mastiff definitely wanted to fuck that bitch bad. I was impressed how determined that animal was. When the dog had trouble mounting her, but he never stopped trying. I am sure after a few more practice rounds, that beast is gonna turn out to be one hell of a breeding stud and that willing bitch is gonna get knotted up on a regular basis. I also loved the sound of his dick smacking into her pussy as the beast jack-hammered away. Mission accomplished! In future videos, I would like to see her totally naked and a close up on her face as that big knot locks up with her cunt. A great concluding shot would be of the knot slipping out of her fuck hole and watching all that beautiful dog sperm oozing from her well fucked pussy. Show the world that she has been breed. All in all, I’m turned on by the breaking of the bestiality taboo this video presents and hope to see lots more from both “performers”.

    LongIslandBTM, posted

    Nice vid! That is goin be one hell of a good breeding stud when he gets a few more mountings on that willing bitch. A different camera angle would have been nice... to see that cum filled pussy. Obviously he didn't knot her... but when he does... that bitch will know she was bred! LOL Love it when you see the stud hit the sweet spot and go into jackhammer mode! LOL

    Sowfuker, posted

    how bout the laveage uh?

    andersonmyles12, posted

    get the leveage rite

    andersonmyles12, posted

    love those crotchless jeans

    maloxco, posted

    Nice to hear the dog smacking her pussy when he finally hit the mark. Maybe with more practice they can put on a great show.

    wineman123, posted

    alabama any ladies?

    alabamaman1, posted


    manucb, posted

    Loved hearing her after he finally got in, she also has a great body from what I have seen

    midnite3, posted

    nice clip....

    1597534682, posted

    Very nice. need an entry shot next time

    mrsimon, posted

    ooohell dam i,m so horny & wet now I no i,m going to learn about this I want to have a dog doing me when he wants me

    kellybigtits4, posted

    god my mind just goes nuts wondering how that must feel

    thedrummer, posted

    she is fucking hot, ass is big and nasty

    KOTYORA, posted

    There is something I don't understand...in so many of these movies...about the time the dog gets mounted...the woman raises up too high for him. Poor pup is scrambling for traction and often loses interest. Girl...keep your hips low....

    ThisMan, posted

    wish could see him pull out afterwards she took it easy enough but she seamed to be surprised by his knot size.

    zombie2004man, posted

    pretty fucking pathetic

    lassie889, posted

    fucking stupid, didnt even get in her pussy.

    Noelley324, posted

    loved the movie

    hotwind, posted

    practice makes perfect

    cuddles2puddles, posted

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    alin_webcam25, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    Horalger , very nice video , like it to see more

    Horalger, posted

    Good film would have liked to have seen her puss and how big the dog's cock is.

    olderbi, posted

    zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en zou dit wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    I love the clip.. and obviously you didn't have a problem with the woman/dog scenario, so I dont' think that's why you wouldn't have married here. I am disappointed that you are so bitter that you would post her name and city. Not cool, man...

    febfantasia, posted

    Yeah well let's see... that would have been better if there wasn't 2 minutes of attempts and more time showing the mounting. How big is this girl built? A mastiff inside her and she barely whimpers. She shoudl have been naked, at least that would have added to some of the excitement.

    becauseican, posted

    OMG that was beyond hot! wish i had a mastif for me also!

    deraven, posted

    I wish I cold find a male dog that would fuck me like that!!

    ripper333, posted

    pnkpssy@hotmail.com I am so horny and wanna chat...I am into all taboo...I love fucking my pitbull while my grandpa watches and jacks off.

    pnkpssy, posted

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    fernanxxxd, posted


    musme, posted

    is she in pant

    russjew, posted

    funny how the person tries to discredit his ex-wife by saying she was in this film obviously that's not true >.>

    pandahara, posted


    samkkk, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

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    freakhh99, posted

    you take that dog bitch

    BadB13, posted

    pretty good

    crxsiguy, posted

    nice little fuck

    99bigboy99, posted

    the best sound in the world: balls slapping against skin

    twiztidone, posted

    It was worth the wait I'm sure !

    Dr_Love, posted

    Omg bring that dog to me ;) I'll buck and moan!!!

    Kinky616, posted

    Once the dog found her pussy he knew how to please her good...

    missi35, posted

    Very nicly done. Love it when the woman really wants it and is patient with that big dog!

    skyedog, posted

    I love how you can see how badly he wants it, just from his thrusts. Poor little guy can't find his spot.

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    die kleidung verhindert dass sie kratzer kriegt aber der arme hund ist dafür gar nicht "geschult. solche hunde können in gewissen situationen probleme machen

    hebr63, posted

    wow feel bad for the guy when he fucks her...she's like a dead fish...

    lovethatass99, posted

    surprise baby. Such a big pennis. Wow! best fuck of your life.

    yefimia, posted


    kralct530, posted

    how can you be quiet while being fucked?

    cuntlovesdogs, posted

    started off slow but the ending o my he got it all in I am still hard as a rock as I type this, hope to see more from them two.

    falcon5039, posted

    Hey...you got Heather's email address? I'd love to talk to the bitch!

    different, posted


    molgen, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm I loved the slapping noise in the end.

    Belinda402007, posted

    it's a decent movie. no penetration until the end. and I'm not sure about posting the womans name in the synops- it may be against a rule or several.

    want2watchu, posted

    Wow..amateur dog is right. It looked like he had never fucked in his life...lol. Ok video, not real satisfying, too many clothes. Although I did like hearing her talk thru it, made it more real.

    lonleyguy83, posted

    Nice vid. Need more and less clothing

    1guy4now, posted

    Thought the dog was gonna paw-fuck her at first. LOL. Decent post. Thanks!

    Irishbull, posted

    lov the man watching his wife! fuck a dog, sexy cutout pants there so hot, sexy sloppy pussy! perfect size dog! they tie! seems like more is missing

    beastsexbill, posted

    i love this one wish it was me getting that big bone!

    k9_lucy, posted

    Awsome ! FINALLY, this hugh sex machine hits pay dirt.Once he got zero'ed in on that hot, wet, waitng for action pussy, he really went to town.The hugh dog drove a very large member all the way to the hilt, filling that hot pussy to overflowing with his own hot cum while she was adding to his, with her own generious seeds.This is real wife breeding of the best kind. Black studs have nothing on this hard driving, hard coming sex machine. Had he made contact earlier, I'm sure she would have spilled his seed by the cup full ! Great video !!

    jfessj, posted

    As the scene opens, we come upon a a very eager, determined Fella attempting to mount a curvy yet quiet girl.. Perhaps she sat behind me in 11th grade chemistry. We are then met the comforting sound of the male voice, his slight southern lilt, his laid back attitude. "He'll get it," the Gentleman says, almost with a sigh, while we watch this Fella make his move. We know where he's going wrong. The Gentleman knows we know what's going wrong. He assures us, so casually, so expectantly. We watch the Quiet Girl move, wiggle, reposition. We hear the Gentleman again, "he'll get it." Then he does.

    totallyyesweird, posted

    Mooie film, de hond heeft er duidelijk zin in, en de vrouw geniet er ook van. Jammer dat er niet ingezoomd wordt. Ik zie graag dat de pik van de hond ook echt in de kut verdwijnt. Het is echter wel heel overtuigend, ik zit nu dan ook weer te soppen op de bank. Het is heel herkenbaar, met een normale vrouw, geen pornosterretje, een doodgewone hond in een herkenbare omgeving, dus het zou iedereen kunnen overkomen, en daarom ook reeel, je kunt je heel makkelijk voorstellen dat het jezelf of de buurvrouw overkomt. Ik heb zelf geen hond, maar kan niet wachten tot ik weer voor de hond van mijn buren mag zorgen.

    henja, posted

    nice. would like to see her naked though All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. asd asdqw 1,2] The consequences of GHJ dislocation including pain, instability, and patient apprehension during certain shoulder movements, are particularly serious for individuals who use their shoulders during employment or sports activities. nice. would like to see her naked though All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. asd asdqw 1,2] The consequences of GHJ dislocation including pain, instability, and patient apprehension during certain shoulder

    trashmailme00, posted

    this was great except they didnt show how big the dog was or a close up shot those are always the best. this was great showing the training of the dog u could tell the second he made contact that pussy was so wet waiting for that big dog dick. i really wish they would have moved the camera around though that would have made this clip a lot better. start with the wide angle then move in an finish with the knot. all in all though this was a very well made video and i hope that the people that made this come out with more very soon.

    ryan3355, posted

    now this movie was good. wish it had been longer. it made you anticipate how it was going to go. the dog having trouble at first mounting her. it shows how determined the dog was. I would have like to watch more of it. you could tell once he finally found her spot he was in. I like how the dog was trying to get to her. he was sniffing her out to get into her. she was a bit nervous but once she felt him in her she was even good. I could tell she enjoyed having him in her. watching her move to him trying to help him mount her was nice. would have definitely like to have seen more from that. but it did its job. it got my focus. I was even it to see how long it would finally take for him to enter her. all parties were eventually satisfied. I would watch it again. this is one of the better amatuer movies on here

    darkside33, posted

    It takes a brave girl to fuck a big dog like this. It starts out a little slow, with the girl on the kitchen floor in some home made assless jeans (can't blame her, those claws would be pretty painful, and marks hard to explain) he awkwardly air humps her, unsuccessfully....multiple times. we start to wonder if he is ever going to actually connect, and then, finally, he does, and he slams it home! He virtually knocks the bottom out of it, as his back paws dig for traction to drive that enormous dick in her pussy. I would have liked to see her ruined wet pussy after he drug his dick and knot out, but, ahh, maybe next time...I bet it was an awesome hot mess. Anyhow, keep up the good amatuer work, I knjoyed it!

    freabeast, posted

    What a sexy jean clan ass on this vixen!! I love the out fit and the sexy crotchless jeans . the dog licks and paws and her juicy full figured ass wanting to knot her and pump hot semen into her. He has trouble hittting her hot love channel and this super sexy mature doggy- cock tease won't help pull the leg on her hip so that he can pound her hot slit. If this big dog wants pussy he's gonna have to take it. and HE TAKES IT. she takes the cock without a wimper until he knots and bust streams of hot doggy jizz deep into her eager pussy. I like to stroke watching this ... nice... nice doggy domination of this sexy mature canine dick-tease daddy say woof- woof

    maloxco, posted

    this is one of those movies that you can tell will turn out good.starts off kinda slow but the vary large dog for sure wants to put his giant cock in this hot womans wet pussy. the dog starts off off to one side of the lovely lady. after a few trys and some coaching from her male friend she gets the huge cock in her sweet pussy. the dog is having his way with her now. he fucks her wet pussy hard and deep.the movie never shows if he knots her or not but the way hes going to town i would have to say knot tied and pussy full of hot doggy cum. kind of a strange place to fuck the dog in the kitchen but worked out great.

    teffany, posted

    this is a very good video showing a good way to train a very eger dog at first he does have truble but he never stoped trying to find his spot the woman in the video was a great trainer when the dog finly hit the rite spot she was in haven the only real bad thing about the video was that thay did not show how big the dog was or a pussy shot or a shot of the dogs knot bu it was a good video maybe the next time thay make a new video thay will lern to use there cam a lil better

    sexylilbitch, posted

    Very nice! I honestly appreciate the feel of a home made/real video. I love to see a woman that actually enjoys what she is doing and not someone that is doing it because she has been paid an unknown amount of cash. I hate it when you see a video and it looks very staged and too professional looking, and most of the time the women look like they are depressed as shit. And what makes this video even better is that her husband is recording this video and that makes it even more sexy! GOD I wish I was there watching this take place... I can tell husband and wife really enjoy what they do and that is awesome Now for my opinion on the action in the movie. I honestly wish there were some close ups of penetration and maybe some good thrusting action, this dog seemed like he was new or the lady didn't know how to get him going. But it was still a good vid and my penis thanks you! :P

    crnxlf, posted

    hey everybody, i was married to this woman for a year. her name is heather gutteriez. she was from flint michigan.in the movie though,this dog has a problem lining her up at first, but a few tries and he gets her good. as he gets his chest up over her ass, you can see his dick is already out about 3 to 4 inches before he is even in. once he is in her, she grunts from his cock topping out. he fucks her hard for a bit, then sets his knot in her. she's so full she can not even talk. he fucked her so hard her feet come off the floor. you hear her coo a couple times and it end suddenly. even though i was married to her, i was not the one who filmed it. it was her former boyfriend dave. she told me once that he wanted her to fuck a dog, but she did not tell me she did it. if i would have known that before i married her, i wouldn't have. but i would have found her a dog to fuck for me. there is more of this movie. that was not the end. some one find it and post it. please.

    johndevliniv, posted
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