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    Hot Dog


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    and she loves it!

    Uploaded by K_million21 · Rating: 1.8 (239 votes) · 61281 views


    loved the sound wish we could see more of the action

    rgw3, posted

    more sight next time hot moans ( kingaries99@yahoo.com )

    xbeastkingx, posted

    loved the sound wish we could see more of the action

    houndog69, posted

    another crap video and whoever took it lost the plot

    pussycat12, posted

    i want to fuck lady his pussy was tytee

    mohidinsab, posted

    i want to fuck that women she seems having anice pussy and ass

    casanova1972, posted

    seemed to like nice pussy

    ralhper, posted

    sorry Baxter

    sluse, posted

    Search dexter

    sluse, posted

    very fuckable shity clip

    redyyy, posted


    wobuzhidaoy, posted


    fat975, posted

    very poor clip

    jigg, posted

    very poor focus, maybe too shy

    dogmate, posted

    sorry i wasted my time looking at it

    kellyanne, posted

    Who would post that?

    chopper73guy, posted

    Wow... every hear of focus?

    starwolf539, posted

    Go back to film school idiot.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    q perdida de tiempo

    lios123, posted

    Cant see shiiiiiiiii

    Woodgrain, posted

    esto quien lo grabo el perro?

    zoofilico11, posted

    Terrible qulaity...

    tsshaz, posted

    Quite blurry video, but you can still figure out easily what is going on in this video. A horny woman, with nice pussylips is getting pounded by a quite large black dog, you can not tell the breed of the dog, but the skills of pleasuring a horny bitch he defenately has! The cameraman/ boyfriend/ husband should buy a tripod so the camerawork would get better next time, but the feeling in this video is 100% homemade. Some lucky guy gets to see his lady go down with a big "meated" dog. By the moaning of the lady in this video, she is enjoying her time with her pleasurer and I think it is not the first time she is having this kind of fun. Keep up the horny job and get some better video next time and you will make many happy.

    kaikukaiku, posted
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